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  • I never knew that this would be such a hard answer to find. On just about any theme you find the header has some design on it, how do you remove that and put your own header in it’s place?

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  • It depends on the theme/template you choose

    The ones that don’t put the text on the header but have it a graphic the easiest bet is to edit the graphic before you upload it. Look around the image files for the header and open it in your graphic editor. If you already uploaded the folder then save the graphic to your PC, edit it in photoshop or other editing program, and re-upload it.

    Also you may find that in the CSS file there will be a header entry that you can change to point to your personal uploaded file.

    Some themes have a tab called “header” or “options” which allow customization.

    Good luck, let me know if you have any questions.

    If the theme already has an image and you aren’t a 100% sure where its configured from.

    Go into the themes images folder, view it on thumbnails, find the header image, note the name down. Then perform a search on all the files for this specific theme looking for the name of the image i.e. if the image is called myheader.jpg use windows to search within the theme files for the text myheader.jpg.
    Once its given you the result(s) look in the text files (backing up first) and then alter the name to point at your own jpg.

    Its actually really easy 🙂

    Hi, based on this topic, does anyone know how to remove the header altogether and leave it blank so it fits properly in your own site design?

    Here’s a sample page from my site, I folded in the blog page through an IFrame, but I can’t figure out how to remove that intrusive big blue header:

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. It’s been difficult to figure this out.

    Thanks, Vinnie.

    Thats the kubrick default theme. Think you’ll find the blue header is a graphic called Kubrickheader.jpg.
    By all means remove it from php files or even just rename it but keep in mind that graphic also has the white rounded background and then part of the grey background behind it.

    You remove it and its going to show up big style (unless you replace it with something inline with the rounded corners/colours etc.

    So if I replace the image it will have to be the same size as the header was originally?

    If it helps at all this is the theme —>

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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