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  • I am currently using a server/hosting from Our school has brought a domain name from mediatemple and are trying to switch. We are ready to do so, but do not know how to. Any help would be great. Thanks

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  • Do you mean you want to move your WordPress installation to a new host using your new domain name? If so, backup your current WP database and use the backup file to populate your new installation with your original posts. You will have to upload your photos or other media files to suit.

    Whenever I do this, I literally copy all of the files for WP from the blog directory on the old server to the new server. I then go into phpmyadmin, and do an export of the database. Go to phpmyadmin on the new server, create a db with same name/user/pass, and import the .sql file. Then go into the wp-options table, and manually edit the 2 fields that have your blog directory and blog home settings to match your new domain name… 9/10 times everything works perfectly.

    As a note (and I just submitted a request for this).. All of the images in your post will have to be edited to contain the proper/new URL.. (I don’t know of a method of moving wordpress that gets around this)

    Unfortunately, wordpress saves the absolute url into the posts even if the file resides at that same URL, which makes it impossible to move the site later without going through post by post and changing/updating the URL.

    A quick (albeit janky) solution is to leave a copy of your wp-content/uploads folder on the old server/url until you get all the posts updated in your database on the new server.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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