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  • Having got my website up and running, and it only being active a matter of weeks i’ve found i’m still be hitting by comment spammers.

    I had opted to stick with comment approval, so they never had the opportunity to appear on any of my pages.

    However i’d like to stick comments to allowed for anyone and adopt some bot captcha methods.

    I’m written a custom function to handle a free captcha script off the net on my previous site, but i can’t help but wonder what tactics all you guys utilise to stop the spam.

    i’ve already got Captcha image implementation in the works, so i’m looking for additional measures in regard to how to deal with spammers.

    I’d like to hear opinions on the subject and/or how you combat the problem.

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  • I don’t use captcha personally – having eye problems, I find it overbearing and difficult to use. I rely on Akismet and Bad Behavior, and set the filter for the usual spammer words and deny any comment with a url referral. Works like a charm – I have NEVER had a spam comment get posted.

    Good luck with your site!

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