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  • I am new to blogging and have created my first WordPress account!

    I have begun entering posts but soon discovered that they appear in reverse order. I wanted to publish details of trip in my caravan but appearing in chronological order.

    I have achieved this by publishing the link to my blog with:

    I will be doing a second trip this year and will append this to the blog. However I would like be able to direct a reader to the first page of the second trip directly. Is there something I can add to the ‘GET’string that will achieve this.

    What GET data is used when the URL is processed by the server?

    I have played about with categories but these seem only to relate to an archive format. For example if I create a category ‘france’ then I can suffix the main URL with ‘/category/france/?orderby=date&order=asc’.
    This displays the correct entries and in right order but only the first 3 lines followed by ‘continue reading’

    How can I point a reader to the point in the blog that I want them to start reading?

    Please can anyone help?

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  • Categories are probably the best way to go. If your theme has a categories.php file, you can change it to show the full posts. If not, you can create one to do what you want.

    If you are using a free theme, post a link to your site here and you may be able to get more specific help.

    If you are using a paid theme, contact your theme supplier.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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