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    I’m pulling my hair out because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to actually shoehorn the images into the gallery?????? I can upload them or select them from the media source but there’s no actual way to load them into the gallery. Also not sure what you do to build out the gallery and get a link once you can add media. I’m already using your previous slideshow plug in which works great but the UI is completely different.

    I mostly wanted to try this one to see if it supported iDevices. The flash parts don’t work with the last one so it makes a mess on iDevices.

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    Go to Manage Galleries -> Available Modules tab -> click Create -> On Basic Setup tab in Query Builder section choose parameters for query images. You can choose to display images from category or with label.
    After you create gallery you can add images to gallery by adding tags or assign category to images.

    Yeah i Got that far before. Here’s the disconnect.

    ” On Basic Setup tab in Query Builder section choose parameters for query images.”

    I haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about? Sounds like you want line code but if I have to enter HTML for every photo in a gallery it’s a massive hassle. If not I have zero idea what you are referring to with “query images”. When I go to manage galleries I would expect to see a load interface or a way to access media storage not a text UI. I love your FIA Gallery, my main reason for trying your new one is to see if it had iDevice support. The skin doesn’t work in the FIA Gallery on iDevices, I assume it’s Flash. I’m not a Flash hater but Steve Jobs made sure iOS would never support it.

    Thanks. I had hoped I missed a tab somewhere.

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    When you click Create Gallery it opens gallery settings. You need enter Title of the Gallery, Description (optionally) and under description field there is visual Query Builder where you can choose with dropdowns from which category you want grab images, author dropdown, sorting and so on. There is also green button for load images with selected options. You can click it to see if there are matched images in Library.

    There’s a green tab that says “0 Loaded” but when you click on it nothing happens. I’ve literally clicked on every button and can’t find any way to load an image. Very frustrating.

    I’ll keep using your other plug in for now. I’m trying to use a slideshow on my main page and the old plug in leaves an ugly mess on iDevices. Works great on the desktop it’s just iOS devices as I said.

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    The right way is create category and upload images to that category. Then create gallery with module and choose created category to be displayed in this gallery. Then if you want to add more images to gallery you need just upload images to category or assign category to already uploaded images.

    When I try uploading a couple of MP3 files but they do not appear in the media list afterwords.

    Here’s a 00:01:20 length screen capture video to show what I mean.

    Must I create a media folder somewhere I wonder?
    I have installed this into a WPMU site I created for testing this plugin with.
    Just FYI.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    to @mendocinotim :
    I’ve improved file uploader and added error handler to it. Can you update to latest version (0.6.3) and test file uploader on your site again. Thanks.

    I just updated both: the Gmedia Gallery (to 0.6.3), and also the GRAND Flash Album Gallery (to 2.72).

    After doing so, I tested again and attempted to upload the two mp3 items once again; but, this time I am getting the following error..

    It does not tell me the directory path to the directory that needs to have it’s permissions changed – I assume to 777(?)..

    Please advise on this.
    And thanks.

    Plugin Author Rattus


    to @mendocinotim :
    Ok. Try chmod 755 or 777 ‘/wp-content/grand-media/’ folder and subfolders.

    I’ll add full path info to error message in next version.

    I was confused about the location of the folder “grand-media” – as it does not reside in..
    but rather in the plugins area..

    The audio files are now uploading – at least according to the add files interface page.., but will not play.

    I thought I should be more specific – so here’s a 3 min 23 sec video, so you can see what I’m seeing..

    Thanks so much for all your help with this.

    Plugin Author Rattus


    GRAND Flagllery and GRAND Media Gallery (Gmedia) are different plugins.
    As you can see Gmedia plugin is in beta (I’ve wrote this in plugin description) and not all functions working properly, especially if some folders haven’t write permissions 🙂
    I’m building website for this plugin, so there will be more information on how to use it.

    The Gmedia plugin installs in ‘wp-content/plugins/grand-media‘ folder, but all uploaded files should be in separate place: ‘wp-content/grand-media‘ folder with chmod 755 or 777

    Folder for images: ‘wp-content/grand-media/image
    Folder for mp3 files: ‘wp-content/grand-media/audio
    and few more folders for other file types and assets

    As for now there is only two modules for creating image galleries in Gmedia plugin. But I’m working hard to add more modules also for music and video.

    Gmedia is the media library/gallery plugin which will be more powerful replacement for Flagallery plugin. Don’t panic, I will support both plugins (Flagallery is one of the most popular gallery plugin).

    If you want play music on your site you can do it with Flagallery plugin:
    1) Upload music to WordPress Media Library
    2) Go to Flagallery -> Music Box
    3) Choose mp3 files -> choose ‘Create playlist’ from actions drop menu and click Apply
    3) Copy shortcode (should be like [grandmusic playlist=foo]) of created playlist and paste it in the Post

    You can also copy single mp3 shortcodes (e.g. [grandmp3 id=123 autoplay=false]) on Music Box page and paste as many as you want to your Page or Post.


    Since you made the suggestion for me to use the Flagallery plugin – instead of GRAND MEDIA – ‘that is, until GM is finally ready for audio; you outlined these four steps to follow to make this happen…

    If you want play music on your site you can do it with Flagallery plugin:
    1) Upload music to WordPress Media Library
    2) Go to Flagallery -> Music Box
    3) Choose mp3 files -> choose ‘Create playlist’ from actions drop menu and click Apply
    3) Copy shortcode (should be like [grandmusic playlist=foo]) of created playlist and paste it in the Post

    I tried it, but it’s not working.

    The following 7 min video will walk you through every step, beginning with the creation of a brand new MU site; just for this purpose.

    I don’t think I left out any steps.
    Please watch this, and let me know if it’s me.

    If it turns out that using this in a MU environment is presently beyond the scope and capabilities of the plugin; no problem. I can always set up a stand-alone test site for further testing your plugins with. So do let me know if I should go that direction.

    Thanks so much – once again.

    Plugin Author Rattus


    You are doing all right except you didn’t choose skin for playlist.
    I saw that in the video there is no any skin for music. This happens when plugin can’t create folders itself. When Flagallery plugin activated it should create separate folder for skins ‘/wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/’ and move all skins from
    ‘/wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/skins/’ folder to
    ‘/wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/’ with chmod 755
    This need for saving skins settings and when you update Flagallery plugin all skins and settings are in safe.

    But on your server plugins can’t create folders and this is why you have problems.
    Here is an article I wrote few years ago, maybe it will be helpful for you:

    P.S.: Flagallery plugin was not developed for WordPress MU, but it should work on main site. It is not create separate database tables or folders for each of network sites, so you can see that created playlists and some galleries are visible on all network sites.

    P.P.S: To delete mp3 from Music Box – delete it from WordPress Media Library.

    Based on your last reply, I decided to delete the MU site all together and start over.
    Now, when you go to, you go to a non-MU installation.

    Once I had set up the basic WP site, I created all the necessary extra directories, and set the permissions for the created folders to 777, as follows..


    And I then moved all the skins from..
    NOTE: I did not move expressInstall.swf

    This is what was left in /wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/skins/ afterwards..

    And this is the /wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/

    NEXT: I uploaded a couple of MP3s through the media uploader, and assigned them to a playlist..

    I then copied the shortcode..
    [grandmusic playlist=flagallery-test-1]
    and pasted it into a new post.

    This time it worked.

    BUT THEN..
    I tried to modify the styling..

    Please advise on this error.

    PS: In case you are curious..

    Plugin Author Rattus


    Skin can’t save settings because there is no write permission for skin folder.
    ‘/wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins/’ and all subfolders chmod 755 or 777

    Actually, you need to change server permissions settings to properly work with WordPress:

    Any file that needs write access from WordPress should be owned or group-owned by the user account used by the WordPress (which may be different than the server account).

    Read Codex page about Permission Scheme for WordPress

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