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    I just installed WordPress 3.2.1 and created two administrative users. Somehow a photo got associated with my user profile (how??) but I cannot find a way to install a user photo for the other account. I searched the web and it seems very odd that you would have to use a 3rd party plugin to load profile photos since this feature seems like a basic part of WordPress’ feature set. Nevertheless, I tried to install Weston Ruter’s User Photo plugin (version, but it doesn’t work, generating installation, run-time and deactivation error messages, so I deactivated it.

    Can anyone tell me how to load user photos into 3.2.1? Thanks.

    P.S., I can upload photos to posts and pages within the editor.

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  • govpatel:

    Thanks you for the suggestion. I installed this plugin and it works. There is one minor bug in that the uploaded picture does not display on the profile page until the Update User button is pressed, but other than that, it appears to work fine.

    I really appreciate the quick and useful response.



    You are welcome

    I installed several different photo plugins and cannot get any of them to show the User’s photo when they Post a message.

    Currently, I have Simple Local Avatars installed and have uninstalled all other photo plugins. The picture shows up in the User Profile just fine, so I know the photo is uploaded.

    What setting do I need to change to allow the photo to appear automatically when a User Posts a message?



    I don’t think that random user comments will display an avatar. What the plugin does is allow users that register on your site to add an avatar to their profile page. If they do that, then the avatar is displayed along with comments. If you are allowing unregistered users to comment, then no avatar will be displayed. maybe there is a plugin that grabs public “gavatars”, but I have not looked into that as yet. If you discover something, let us know.

    govpatel, thanks for that – i too had tried a few and nothing was working but this has done the trick, with some nice extra options for creating a generated avatar for those without one – brightens the comments up!

    I use the simple-local-avatars.1.3.1 plugin for wordpress 3.3.2. it work fine but in admin option the user who are register as a editor roll will not show on user list and also in admin user panel its not show all user list. after uninstall the plugin, user panel is work fine… so anyone can tell me where is the problem !!!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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