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  • When I check the loco translate plugin list, I have a lot of plugins with translations, I can go in there and check the translations, so clearly they must be available to me.

    Yet on the dashboard, under “running plugins” most of them don’t show up. Why is that? I can find no setting to “load” them or whatever you would have to do, nor can I find anything on this in the documentation.

    Please advice.

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  • Plugin Author Tim W


    “Running plugins” shows any plugin that has called load_plugin_textdomain on the current page with a text domain that can be used to identify it.

    This section is a convenience and doesn’t mean you can’t translate plugins that aren’t in the list. However, it implies that the plugins might not be internationalized to WordPress standards. It could equally mean that they have no need to be loading translations into the current admin screen.

    Thread Starter sighan


    Hey Tim,

    thanks for your quick answer. So the translations I see for all the other plugins are not up the WordPress standards and thus are not applied. If I wanted to get one of these translations anyway, would I just go in there, find the one I want and copy it?

    Plugin Author Tim W


    I said it they *might* not be internationalized correctly. Worry about those problems if you come to them.

    Your question is rather vague, but yes you can copy files in Loco Translate. Example here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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