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How do WPMU get away with it?

  • Why do you let WPMU release incomplete plugins to your plugins list?

    Take the Q&A plugin as a prime example.
    It doesn’t work.
    No one from the company supports it publicly, they force you to their paid website.
    They have obvioulsy got their employees to lie on the plugin page by clicking five stars and that it works.
    there are so many problems with it and yet it is clearly taking advantage of the open source and friendly nature of the wordpress community.

    I have no problem paying for premium plugins, if that’s what they want, but to do what they are doing is plain wrong and you are letting them do it.

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  • Can you link to which plugin this is?

    It’s within the rules to put out a ‘lesser’ version of a plugin for free, and to change for support for their free plugins, but if they’re actually non-functional, that’s not okay.


    How it got almost 5 stars can only be from employees voting for it.
    Check the forums, there are so many people with problems with it and no one replying.
    I understanding the concept of putting out a lite version, but the light version doesn’t even work.

    This is the equivilent of giving broken goods away simply for a support contract to fix them.
    You’d think there would be laws against this sort of thing.

    We’re really trying NOT to over legislate the world.

    I installed the plugin on my test site and it works fine, within the parameters of what it says it does. I can add questions, reply, vote, etc. It looks fugly with the default (2011) theme, but that’s not a crime.

    What’s not working? Can you be specific?

    Yes it’s fugly on the default theme and for every other theme it’s a complete uphill struggle to get looking reasonable.
    (that’s a good way to get people to subscribed support)

    “Subscribers enter the wp-admin area, they can add/edit/trash all questions even though I give subscribers no permission at all.”
    (How did this get 5 stars?)

    It’s like it’s been designed to not work to force you to paid support, especially when when no one from their company supports the free version.
    It’s an ugly and rude way to business.

    Don’t take the stars as anything other than a silly game. Really, people game that system so much it’s useless.

    And ugly is not a reason to pull a plugin πŸ™‚

    “Subscribers enter the wp-admin area, they can add/edit/trash all questions even though I give subscribers no permission at all.”

    Are you saying that you’re finding that subscribers can do all that? Okay, that’s a bug. Possibly a security one at that. I’ll look, specifically, at that and, if it’s a security oversight, the plugin will get closed.

    But otherwise, there’s no reason to do that. Vote with your feet. Don’t use it. πŸ™‚



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    And please post your own topic.



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    Please post your own topic.

    @ipstenu have we managed to find “an oversite” ?

    and if you think the stars are just a “silly game”, then take them off, because in this instance someone is manipulating said “silly game” for the financial betterment of their company, at our expense.

    I don’t have the authority (or ability) to remove the stars. I, personally, think they’re a silly game, but one of numerous information sources I use when judging a plugin useful or not (I weigh the forum posts about the plugin far heavier than the stars, anyone with an account can click a star button, and most people never remember to).

    Anyway. As it happens, the plugins capability checks were broken, allowing subscribers to delete posts, which is a security gap indeed.

    Since we don’t actively monitor plugins (it’s a passive thing, if you report, we look), it’s not something we’d have noticed until you spoke up πŸ™‚ If you see things like that again, please email the details to plugins AT wordpress.org and we’ll look right away.

    That said, all plugin devs have the right to earn a living. Putting out limited code in the repo, and a more advanced version for sale is fine (so long as it’s all still GPL). The plugin in the repo should be 100% functional for what it is. And unless otherwise noted, you have a reasonable expectation of at least some support in the forums. If they say ‘We only support on our paid site’ well, they’re allowed to. No one says they have to support it for free. But yes, the plugin should work.

    Hi all,

    I am working for WPMU DEV and I am responsible for this plugin from now on.

    “Subscribers enter the wp-admin area, they can add/edit/trash all questions even though I give subscribers no permission at all.”

    Are you saying that you’re finding that subscribers can do all that? Okay, that’s a bug.

    I cannot reproduce this issue with WP3.3.2.

    A subscriber can only delete a question if he is authorised to do so. Admin can authorise even a subscriber to delete questions, but this is not the default. Even in that case he is not able to do that from admin side.

    So, I would like to learn the WP version which resulted in such an issue.

    @ipstenu, did you personally see this issue? Which WP version did you use?


    I personally saw the issue on a localhost install of WP 3.4, with no other plugins installed, using TwentyEleven.

    I actually had a totally clean build on that one πŸ™‚

    Also your plugin pulls in two files, qa,php and qa-lite.php, which causes things to show up doubled on the plugin dashboard.

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