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    I see this widget was bought out, and it’s been removed from How do we continue to get updates and support? Do we need to download a different version from the new owner? Please advise.

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  • @angietops7, out of curiosity, where does it say that I purchased this plugin? See? This is exactly why people like Trump win: because of fake information being spread, and because of people who believe in anything they read without checking the reliability of those sources. I’d like to know where this rumor that “money was exchanged” started.


    Are you saying you didn’t buy the Display Widgets plugin?

    If you didn’t buy it I’d be interested to hear how you got access.


    Go to – it says “This plugin has been purchased by another company”.

    Believe what you like. I can write whatever I want, but it would still be the typical situation “he said/she said”. What matters here is my genuine willingness to reboot this plugin and add new FEATURES. Free of charge. Only time will tell if you can trust my code or not. I will stop feeding this silly argument now. Thank you for your patience and support.

    Let’s conclude: what a mess… we’re staying on the 2.05 (no need for slow sites, huge plugins and tracking us), and hopefully the ‘old’ owners will somehow get this under control again…

    @displaywidget wrote…
    My hosting provider, of course, has apache log Enabled, so technically yes, they/i have access to IP addresses of those using service. But if you explain to me how I can monetize this, I will do it because I haven’t found a way to turn an apache log into cash haha. This seems to be what other users are suggesting here, but clearly it’s not the case. Why do I collect also website URL? Because I want to run analytics on this information and see if some websites are abusing of this FREE service, and maybe implement a blacklist, or eventually do something where those who exceed a certain amount of requests will need to purchase a license directly from IP2Location. See where I’m going with this? Also because, again, what else could I do with this information? If you explain how I can make money by just collecting IP and URL, please tell me… I have a big family to feed

    Are you relatively new to how websites work?

    I ask because if what you wrote earlier and above is honest you are seriously naive.

    Had your first update (v2.6) remained live and lets say half the 200,000 Display Widget users had upgraded the plugin (the first one you connected to*) would have been contacted for every pageview from those 100,000 websites!!!!

    * Why did you change from connecting to in v2.6 to connecting to in 2.6.1 and 2.6.2?

    That could be tens of millions of pageviews a day. For example if the average Display Widget user site generates only 100 pageviews a day, that’s 10,000,000 connections to your webhost everyday for no monetary gain.

    I hope your webhost is either very understanding or you have deep pockets!!!!

    Pull out a calculator and please do some basic calculations.

    Or put another way you’ve gathered data from 10,000,000 pageviews from 100,000 websites in a 24 hour period or the data from 3,650,000,000 (3.65 billion) pageviews in a year without having to pay the website owners for their valuable user data! Realistically the average site is going to generate significantly more than 100 pageviews a day, collecting billions of data points is the foundation of a serious business.

    If you are being truthful and are a naive plugin developer who is using a standard webhosting package your domain would go down for misuse of resources.

    For those who care about Google rankings, consider Google takes pagespeed into account, having to connect to an external server slows a site down and can have an impact on Google rankings. What happens to the connection if your server goes down or has connection issues? Do I see a 10 second timeout** setting in the code, do you think waiting 10 seconds for a connection in 2017 is acceptable?

    ** If the new plugin developer stops maintaining this plugin and he/she lets the domain expire, the Display Widgets plugin 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 code might (I didn’t check in detail what would happen) wait 10 seconds before determining the URL doesn’t exist potentially hanging your site for that amount of time. It’s rarely ever a good idea to set a timeout at 10 seconds.

    On a practical perspective what happens to the widgets if the site can’t connect to to check the API? Will the widgets be shown/hidden for countries not set???

    If you use the IP tracking feature of the Display Widgets plugin versions 2.6, 2.6.1, 2.6.2 run your site through services like these with the feature enabled and disabled:

    To see if it’s slowing you down (compare the enabled/disabled results). If you keep using the feature recheck in a months time when more users are hammering the plugin developers webhost.

    You are collecting unnecessary user data.

    Had you only tracked the IP address it has no serious value and would allow the country specific functionality to work (you don’t need the site URL, page URL or the user agent for that functionality).

    You say you only store the tracking data in your normal weblogs, but Display Widget users (and WordPress) have to take your word for that and now you are implying you didn’t buy the plugin when you did (why would anyone trust your word?). No one (other than you) knows what the script the tracking data is running through is doing with the data, it would be childs play to collate and store it for future use/sale.

    There’s a major trust issue here, no one knows who you are, you’ve only been on WordPress a month or so and the only info we have on you is these two domains: and and you were willing to buy the Display Widgets plugin from the original developer which you are now implying you didn’t buy! Why are you trying to cast doubt on how you obtained control of the plugin?

    You could provide some information about yourself helping users decide if you are trustworthy.

    Who are you?
    You mention creating other plugins, which ones?
    You say you’ve used the plugin on your sites for years, which sites?
    Why should Display Widget users trust you with their visitors valuable user data?
    Add some details to your WordPress profile so we can check out who you are.

    The WordPress plugin repository runs on trust, after the initial release of a plugin (WordPress checks the code) we (plugin developers) are trusted on future updates (they aren’t checked/tested) meaning as plugin developers we can do anything we like: we could upload code to destroy a users site for example!!!

    It’s WordPress users like me who self-police the repository for plugins breaking the rules. I’ve reported half a dozen plugins over the past 10 years (including your code twice) for breaking the rules.

    If you see something in a theme/plugin (that’s in the repository) you think is iffy, email the plugin repository at (they appreciate AND act on the feedback).

    By tracking IP (country, region and possibly city and even more detailed location data) and tracking the page the visitor is on you have the potential to collect and store valuable date.

    You will have where people are visiting a site from (country, region, city, potentially even zip code***).
    The visitors user agent (how they are connecting).
    When they are visiting a specific webpage.
    The webpages viewed on a Display Widgets site.
    The total number of visitors to a specific webpage.
    The total number of visitors to a site.

    *** We don’t know which package you have from if you are paying for the more expensive packages you get some seriously useful data – IP-Country-Region-City-Latitude-Longitude-ZIPCode-TimeZone-ISP-Domain-NetSpeed-AreaCode-Weather-Mobile-Elevation-UsageType Database

    That data has significant value. Also Display Widget users have to rely on you buying a new license every year, minimum license fee $50. What happens if you decide to stop paying?

    I was an SEO consultant for ~12 years, some SEO’s pay for that sort of data on a competitors site. An SEO could analyse which webpages are popular, where they are visiting from etc… It’s the equivalent of giving partial access to a websites log files, about the only important metric that’s missing is how the visitor got to the site (direct visit, search engine)!!!

    Also gives you data about the popularity of those websites, if you know how many visitors a site generates you have data which can be used in making deals for backlinks, guest posts, purchasing a site…

    Add to all this tracking you now add a responsibility on the Display Widget users to add a privacy statement to THEIR sites indicating a third part (you) are tracking their users data, otherwise they’ll fall foul of various privacy laws (recent EU laws for example).

    I note in the 2.6.2 code you’ve linked to your T&C page at which includes:

    We will collect website information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned. Before or at the time of collecting such information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected. We will collect and use such information solely for fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other ancillary purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law. Website data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. The following data is currently collected for analysis and in order to optimize’s performance:

    Website and Page URL – Collected to track service usage by Country, Region and Domain; we reserve the right to blacklist certain domains that exceed reasonable service usage
    Visitor’s User Agent and IP Address – Required to determine Visitor’s Country of origin

    How are you gaining consent of the visitors whose data you are collecting?
    How are you “identify(ing) the purposes for which information is being collected”?

    I don’t see anything in the code that gives Display Widget users the ability to inform their visitors you are collecting data and I don’t see an opt out (where’s the consent)?

    At best you only have the consent of the Display Widget user (the site owner), not the actual visitor to said site (it’s the visitor whose consent you require). To meet the above T&Cs the Display Widget plugin users would have to add a privacy page mentioning a third party (you) is tracking the data. When/how do you plan on letting users know they need a privacy page if they use this new feature?

    Display Widget users would have to add a privacy page like mine which I add because I use ad platforms like AdSense and they track data: see the “Third Party Advertisements” section.

    which will also send these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information including your IP address, your ISP , the browser you used to visit our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes

    I see you “track service usage by Country, Region and Domain”, so you are tracking to at least region.

    You don’t need the user agent to determine country, you just need the IP.

    Oh and in localhost testing I couldn’t get the geolocation tracking to work. I’m in the UK, set a widget to show on en-gb (also tested gb, GB, en-gb, EN-GB, GBR, gbr since the list at doesn’t match the format listed on the widget (on the widget it says use en-gb)) and it didn’t load when viewing the relevant page. Tried it with only setting gb, GB, en-gb, EN-GB, GBR, gbr (nothing else ticked) and tried things like ticking front in case it required two options (front page when gb, GB, en-gb, EN-GB, GBR, gbr).


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