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  • Hi WordPress Forum,

    How do we change the layout for the posts page? For all other pages, there’s a setting on each page which I can use to easily configure the setup of the page. I would think that I just go to the posts page and set the layout there but there is no box for it. To clarify, I am looking to change the layout of the posts page for any theme, just like I can change the page by selecting it from the left bar.

    I feel like I’ve done this before but can’t find how. I also have been searching for this answer for weeks and I haven’t found anything remotely close to what I want to do without adding a bunch of custom code. Other people must not be having this problem.

    I’m a seasoned developer and I have plenty of experience with WordPress, but this seemingly simple thing is giving me a lot of aggravation and problem. Either WordPress really missed something they should do or I am just overlooking something obvious.


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  • Normally the default layout for posts is controlled in single.php

    By changing page layouts from the left bar I assume you mean changing Page Templates? This is not built into Posts there’s one template in the wordpress core.

    However if you wanted more than one template to choose for in Posts then there are plugins out there, heres one after a quick google :-

    Single Post Template Plugin

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