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  • Our little non-profit has taken on a volunteer developer (with a better artistic eye and much more web experience than I) who is going to help spiff up our website. I want to set her up at the Author level so she can use the editor to insert her HTML code for the things she proposes to add to our pages. She seems to get it pretty much. I don’t doubt for a minute there’s going to be some “back and forth”…

    We need to approve her changes but now I’m stuck because let’s say she modifies the already up and running Home Page. How does WP 2.7 handle outputting the old page, while the “new page” is “pending approval”? Let’s say it takes 2 days to approve her work. Surely I don’t want to “kill” the home page. I’m not sure that this will even work!

    I thought I could copy the Home Page to another area of the blog and set it to “hidden” while we dabble with it but there’s no copy or clone facility that I can find. I also know that there are pay-for services out there that design these things so I’m really guessing that there must be a way to design a page, but hold it. I just don’t know.

    Anyone have some experience with having a developer on staff, but whose changes need approval and the blog keeps working under the old scheme???

    Thanks folks.


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  • Why don’t you make a test version of pages your developer is going to work on. You can cut and paste from the HTML tab of the live page to create the contents of the test page. Keep the test page private or as a draft.

    Let the developer work on the test version. Since she only has Author privleges, you will have to create the test page and make her the Author of the page, or else she won’t be able to change it.

    She can work out what she is going to do. After you approve and are ready to put it online, copy and paste HTML from her test page to your live page, save, and its online.

    OK, I see. Some questions further:

    Where does this “test version” of our system live? On our server? It’s a complete copy of it in your scenario, right? Or does is reside on a /localhost/? If on our server, which isn’t in our direct control, then do we create a “draft” Home Page, hide it, copy/paste, play etc.? I think “test version” implies a complete copy of the pages, right?

    Using this concept (which is logical) however she would probably not be able to modify the templates the Theme, the CSS etc. where all the “looks” get done. That’s where most of our work needs to be done, unfortunately.

    There’s just no easy way as I’ve been reading up on this. What you suggest is make a copy of the whole thing. I’m looking at modifying more than just the raw page content.

    Am I on the right track?



    I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the full scope of what you want to do.

    What I’d suggest is set up a second WP installation. The advantage of on the web vs a local install is if its on the web you and your developer can view what she is doing at any time. On a local install only one of you can see it unless you are in the same physical location. That’s a matter of preference though.

    You can create it in a folder on your website called test or develop or whatever. do the install and then copy over everything from the live site on top of the files the install puts there. You will have to adjust wp-config.php to reflect the test database, and change all references in your theme template that include the folder name of your live install.

    You also dump the data from your live database into a mySql backup file. The way I do it is use a programming editor to do a search and replace on the entire database file, replacing all references to the live folder with the name of the test folder

    If your install is in and you are moving it to, you replace all occurrences of /mysite with /testsite

    Then use phpMyAdmin import and import the modified backup copy into the test database. Then you have an exact copy of your live site on your test installation.

    When the developer has finished, you can copy over the changed theme files. If she is making any content changes then those will need to be copied over also. You don’t want to replace the test database back into the live database because things will have changed in the live database during the time the developer was working on the test one. You’ll need to integrate her changes another way.

    See this codes page about moving a WP site. You are copying one not moving one, but its the same process.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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