How do user register or log in at your website frontpage (3 posts)

  1. hiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I created a site with WordPress, my plan was to make it a e-commerce website and want customer to register and log in to my website to order thing.
    And also when user comment ,they need to log in to WordPress.com, I wonder how that work? Is it possible user log in on my site in order to comment?
    Wp-login.php is it only for the admin to log in? Cause I don't see any field for signing up.
    Do the log in and register feature come default when i install WordPress or I need a plugin?
    What I mean is like how u log in to WordPress.org at the frontend to post a new comment in the forum, the username and password box

  2. justanotherpoet
    Posted 4 years ago #

    By default, a user must login in order to post a comment on your site. You can change these default settings in: Settings<Discussion. However, from what I understand about your post, you would like for people to be able to login to your site without using WordPress as a middle-man? If so, you will need a plugin. Just run a search for "login" in the plugins page and explore your options.
    On a side note, your potential customers would have to login to something in order to be able to complete a transaction anyway.

  3. hiboy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    'By default, a user must login in order to post a comment on your site' how do the user log in? they go wordpress.com and login in and then come my site to commen?

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