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  • In many blogs, I see a news quote and they have a photograph or image obviously constructed to fit the news topic.

    For example, a political figure with a body of mermaid. Or, a person making a certain facial expression that is fitting to the news topic.

    Where do they find the appropiate photos to combine to make these photos? some are copied from the source but others seem to be constructed.

    Seems to draw it yourself would take an inordinate amount of time to do.


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  • Do you really think this is a question that should be discussed in the WP forum? Do you really think this is related to how WP works?

    Wouldn’t be better to ask it in an image manipulation/editing board?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    He’s a journo so he’ll have access to massive amounts of catalogued and indexed images.

    moshu, there is a miscellaneous heading so I assumed it would be ok and I would consider it a complement that I think you guys as most knowledgeble. Sorry if it’s an inappropiate post though.

    Thanks podz, Yes guess dvorak would have a huge database.

    You may want to start here:

    There are a large number of image libraries on the net, though many require a subscription, charge by photo, etc.

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