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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That looks like they are playing with small gif’s.
    through to
    seem to be doing something ….

    Cept it doesn’t seem to run in Firefox.

    Works fine in my Firefox…if it’s the fade-in of the text you’re talking about…

    Heh heh, I was about to use this on a project at work. On a hunch I tried it without javascript. Needless to say the words never faded in, leaving me with a lot of white and some oddly spaced links. :\
    Maybe I won’t be using this after all…

    even works on opera.
    google does do things that are all browser compatible at last…

    OK I see it now. Looks cool. May be a tad slower? But cool. Really.

    Yes, i find it really cool. Stevarino, do you think it is possible to adapt that so that my post’s texts fade in like that in WP?
    Sure, i would stick the code in my head tag, but i have no idea what it is doing, aside from guessing that it increases the value of a color attribute…

    Heh heh, you guessed right. All it’s doing is increasing the color attribute from white to black. The one thing you’ll need to change is “ws” to either “rap” (for the entire page to fade in) or “content” (for the “content” div to fade in, but not the sidebar). Then in your <body> tag add the attribute “onload="sa()"” so you have <body onload=”sa()”>.

    Thank you, Stevarino. I am trying it at home, locally, and it almost works, just two quirks:
    1) when using Safari, the text shows imediately in black, then it turns white in a jump and then fades in.
    2) using Firefox, the text is never shown, stays white all the time.
    Can’t check with IE, it was never able to load my page when served locally (weird program). Would you know what isn’t working right?

    As far as the firefox problem, no clue! 😀
    Are you serving the text as text/html or application/xhtml+xml? There seems to be some new rules when dealing with xml and javascript.

    Ha! The Firefox problem doesn’t exist online, only when seeing locally. It is just a slower fade-in on Firefox.
    Seems we were typing at the same time – only after i posted that i had to change the default text color, as Orkut did, i saw your suggestion. I am going to try it now, it will be better if it works. (i am using the content div only)

    I just tried your suggestion, and it works like a charm. Just have to use rgb(255,255,255). And of course change to “content”.
    Looks nice on a mostly-text blog.
    Thank you very much!

    Oooh, I just checked out the site. Very cool effect! Did you know it even works with the translate links? 😀

    Yes, i tried it, and i was impressed! Thanks a lot for your help, i wouldn’t have made it work without it.

    I’d like to use this as well. Any tutorials or instructions for setting this up in WP 1.5? I tried to add it to the plug in directory and changed the ending from phps to php, but that didn’t work. I then edited the script to say “content” where rap was and altered the body tag to <body onload=”sa()”>.. still no avail. Some well guided assitance would be appreciated!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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