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  • Hi everyone. I am thinking about writing my own weblog and also maybee contribute some code, I have some ideas… and some skills (wich will hopefully become even bigger) in (x)html, php and mysql.
    But now to my real question. I ask this here, because I don’t know elsewhere to ask it (if you know a better place, let me know).
    How do the gpl think about the content in wordpress? Not the code, because I know about the princip about sharing your imporvments, but more about the stufff that you write in wordpress and also if you upload a picture… does these things naturally also realeased under gpl or can you still think of it as something that you own on your own
    Can you realese the content under some other licens?
    The reason I ask this is not because I see it as a problem if the content is automaticly realeased under the gpl, it’s more because I am curious.

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  • shit. sorry for making som spell and grammar-stuff wrong… well well

    As far as I’m concerned, all content is copyright to me.
    What I write is mine, and any images I upload (that are mine according to copyright law) remain mine.
    Hence on some sites you will see Creative Commons type stuff, and on others, something different.
    WP is the bones. All the flesh on it is mine.

    Ok. As far as you are concerned it is yours and of course you can think of it that way. My question is if it is yours when concerning to the gpl, is the content really yours legally?

    It had better be 🙂
    If I take a picture, it is mine.
    If I then decide to share that picture, by uploading it to the net, it is still mine.
    WordPress is free, GPL’d.
    MS Word is not. That has a very comprehensive EULA, and even though I’ve not read it, I doubt it says that all content created with it belongs to M$.
    The *code* is GPL.
    The content is not.

    To further clarify what Podz wrote, the GPL license only applies to the code. Code licenses only apply to the code they are specifically targeted to, not to any content produced with the code. You may choose whatever license for the content you want, from the fully-restrictive “All Rights Reserved” to a Creative-Commons “Some Rights Reserved” license, to public domain.

    Ah. Okej. thanks. Now I get it.

    Do I need to GPL all the files on my Linux box? 🙂

    It has generally been considered that the output of a GPLed program is not bound by the GPL (though the author may, of course, GPL it if he or she wants to). This is why, for example, GCC can be used to compile non-GPLed works.
    When your blog is displayed in a browser window or downloaded with wget or whatever, that is the output of a GPLed program, WordPress. Because it’s the output, you can license that however you want; it is yours.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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