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  • i cam across a blog online and every post ends in .php

    how can that be?

    does it mean it will be spidered better? than a regular blog.. ie. will more pages be found in the search engines this way.. as i heard that the search engines are seperating the blogs from sites.. and putting all blogs in one index an all sites in another.. do you think this is why they have a blog where all posts end in.php so they stay in the main search engine?

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  • What makes you think using .php on the end of a permalink structure gets a blog to be “spidered better”? Did you perform any research into this blog’s SEO background to see if it shows up higher in search engines than others?

    If this was a WordPress blog, I suspect it was little more than personal choice; otherwise the blogging system more than likely creates post entries that way by default (i.e. MovableType), and would have nothing to do in making search engines happier with it.

    Shiners most blog use php technologie , even wordpress use .php extention

    but there is something called permalink , wich will change the .php to somethign the user will choose (using .htacess)

    so you might see .aspx extention and in reality its .php

    in the same way you could see no extention just fake (virtual) folder wich is better for search engine .

    so something like this : domain/index.php?page=3 can ve changed to : domain/3/

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    This cat needs some help. Seriously. I was turned off when I read his other question about ripping a site, posted here:

    Then, when you click his profile and see the series of questions he has posted. Disturbing to say the least.

    distrubing lol.. dude how can i rip off a theme that already exists online is available for download.. someone modified it..

    so i have now paid to have someoen create the theme .. ease up and be nice

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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