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    I’m trying to wrap my very newbie head around multi sites and wondering if it is something that would work for me…

    I want to add a second ‘sub blog’ linked with my current blog. I’m wondering if both blogs would be counted together when collecting stats and ranking my site as a whole… or would they still be ranked separately?



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  • I think separately, but maybe there are people who know a way to see the whole site as one. In my case, I have five subsites which are all parts of the same website and I have stats for each of them. Of course my host’s stats give stats for the entire domain, but I suppose you’re more interested in Google et al?

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    You can do them either way for stats. Just depends on how you install and configure the analytics plugins.

    Google page rank (if that’s what you mean) would be like this:
    * Subfolders are considered a PART of the main site, so domain.tld and domain.tld/site2 would get better ranked based on the whole domain.tld
    * Subdomains are seen as separate sites. Site2.domain.tld is ranked separate from domain.tld and site3.domain.tld

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    Stats and ranking are different things.

    For ranking 9assuming you mean search engines here), if the sub site is a subdomain, it will be seen as separate. If it’s a subfolder, it will be seen as part of the main domain.

    Stats – you can track whatever you like.

    This is kind of a really general and broad question. 🙂

    thanks for your replies everyone…

    I was hoping I could track stats separately depending on how I installed the scripts etc but also wondered about ranking such as google and alexia when it came to subdirectories. So thanks for sorting that out!

    Now to wrap my brain about how to make it all work!

    thanks again


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    Track stats separately how?
    One google analytics account can show traffic for all your sites, depending how you drill down the menus.

    Google & Alexa can ranks each subfolder separately -same as if it were a page, as I stated above.

    Subdomains give separate *results*.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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