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  • Chewxy


    Anyone here had experience with how spam bots work? I mean, even with image validation for commenting, they seem to be overcoming the image validation in my blog. Can spam bots actually read the image?

    Usual spam are like Viagra, Texas Holdem and poker. Unless they are humans (which I think don’t bother spamming)… they can’t get past the image validation I installed. (I tried) Do they have like direct access to my SQL database? If not, I’d like to know how they work. Thank you

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  • skippy



    The trick is that spam bots display your image to other human beings looking for free porn. The human thinks he’s doing the captcha to access the porn, but upon submission the bot sends the human’s captcha response on to your blog.

    And yes, some bots do actually read the captchas. A recent publication showed how savvy the image analysis in bots can be.

    Try using Bad Behavior: it recognizes many tell-tale signs of bots and blocks them outright. Since installing it, I’ve received almost no spam. That spam which I have received has almost certainly been hand-typed by real people.

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