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  • I’m trying to see if I’m better off using multi sites or not.

    I have a delux hosting plan with godaddy

    if I host a client site I place a directory in my root folder called /fakeclient and then point to

    and place the site files in there

    but with WP multisites it doesn’t actually create a physical directory called /fakeclient

    so when I direct to

    it goes to nothing

    How do I direct URLs to the various website I will create in WP multisite.

    I’ve installed the domain mapping plug in but that’s just telling me to use my cPanel that I don’t have

    please help me
    thanks in advance


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  • Do you have plesk or any control panel backend to your site as a whole?

    only what godaddy provides
    the hosting control center that has the database MySQL access and a domain management section where I can add subdirectories to the root folder. so no cPanel

    is that what plesk is?

    so without having that does that mean I can’t really utilize the multisite function properly on my hosting account?

    thanks for the reply


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    I’ve installed the domain mapping plug in but that’s just telling me to use my cPanel that I don’t have

    Assuming this plugin:

    The reason for that is you need a couple things setup on your site do the redirect.

    And if you read it carefully it says this:

    If you are using CPanel, use the Park a Domain menu to set the mapped domain to your main installtion.

    So you’re not and you can skip that part.

    What you need to do is this part:

    Make sure the default Apache virtual host points at your WordPress MU site or WordPress 3.0 network so it will handle unknown domains correctly. On some hosts you may be required to get a dedicated IP address. A quick check: in a web broswer, type in the IP address of your install.

    You may want to read this: which is a very nice tutorial on how to setup domain mapping.

    As otto mentions

    Every host is different, and you’ll have to talk to your host to make them able to point the domain name at your existing site. How to do this varies from host to host, but the important thing is that when you visit your new domain (before you do this!) then you want it to go to your main site, as is.

    For GoDaddy, you may want to read this post:


    thank you for your time
    will try again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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