How Do Intergrate Facebook SDK for PHP (4 posts)

  1. Kelly Makelele
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi somebody help here.

    I've downloaded Facebook SDK for PHP, uploaded , unziped it but just dont know which folder/directory I'm surpposed to add it to.

    Is it Wp-includes or the themes directory that my blog is currently using?

  2. Hi Kelly.

    An SDK is a programmer's development kit. It's not a plugin or capable of working directly with WordPress.

    If you're looking to do things with Facebook and integration to your site, I'd recommend using the official Facebook plugin instead:


  3. Kelly Makelele
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi samuel,

    I've tried the plugin but it returns this error

    Error: Failed to validate your App ID and Secret. Response: wp_remote_get() failed! Message: couldn't connect to host.
    Are you sure you entered your App ID correctly?

    My facebook apps I believe are O.k.

    Now this part of the error..

    "failed! Message: couldn't connect to host"

    Prompted me to download the SDK, My assumption was that the PLUGINS Couldint connect to the host (Host being the Sdk)

    Sam, Help If Im Wrong. Thanks in advance

  4. The SDK is not the host.

    What that message is telling you is that it could not connect to Facebook's servers.

    Perhaps your server is blocking that connection somehow.

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