How do I view php file and edit it? Notepad and Dreamweaver aren't working (1 post)

  1. carmenda
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am an olf Blogger user now trying WordPress and insanely frustrated.

    Basically I tried to edit my functions.php in the wordpress editor and forgot to copy and paste the original in case I made a mistake. Lesson learned.

    Now I get a white screen error so I assumed I could go into the template files on my hard drive, open tthe functions.php, cut and paste the original code into the wp editor and be back to normal.

    So I open notepad and try to open the php file and it comes out like this

    require PADD_FUNCT_PATH . 'class-option.php';
    require PADD_FUNCT_PATH . 'class-socialnetwork.php';
    require PADD_FUNCT_PATH . 'clas


    not the same syntax as the php I am looking at in wp editor.

    So I tried to open the php in Dreamweaver mx and got the same results except they were nice enough to color code it for me. Still no code.

    So then I tried to upload the original php using cpanel, it was either too slow or would not connect but after 20 minutes nothing happened.

    Firewall issues? is there something I should have changed in the firewall?

    Next I tried to setup filezilla, still not able to connect.

    I'm assuming I need to do something with the firewall?

    The most puzzling part for me is that every google search I do, everyone says 'just open the php in notepad and edit it and then cut and paste"

    well that doesn't work so....help?!?!

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