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  • Can someone help with this please?

    It’s asking me to:

    Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage
    You can add a <meta> tag containing the authentication code to the <head> section of your default webpage.

    But where do I do this on a WordPress site?



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  • Ditto…

    I see people talking about header.php but cannot find this anywhere I can only find the style.CSS which is not the same thing as far as I can tell.

    FYI – I am using the WP twenty eleven theme

    Appearance ->Editor, see the list of files on the right. However, do not edit the Twenty Eleven theme. It is the default WordPress 3.2 theme and having access to an unedited version of the theme is vital when dealing with a range of site issues.

    Create a child theme for your customisations. Once your child theme is active, we should be able to help with the customisation.

    Thanks Esmi. I shall give it a go. New to all this so hope I get it right…
    I’ll let you know when I have managed it.

    “Making a child theme is very simple. Create a directory, put a properly formatted style.css file in it, and you have a child theme!” … Stuck at 1st hurdle. How do I create a directory? :-s

    🙂 8 months into my project and I know how to make a directory :p

    Keep it up – you will get to it!

    I am experiencing the same problem.

    Esmi, in your previous code you specify were to place the code. In my case the /head is after the complicated code which i cant remember having said that your previous instructions cannot be applied.



    I’m unable to get my website verified with Bing.
    I have tried a number of wordpress plugins (failed) and I have entered the authentication code in the <head> section of my default webpage (failed).
    Google authentication works fine but Bing always gives me: ‘Ownership Verification Failed’
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Oops! Cancel the above. I’ve now used XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.2.6 and it works.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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