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  • Chris Lusk


    Awesome plugin, very easy to setup! I use the Notifications from Gravity Forms to send thank you emails but what should I use in the From and Email settings in the Gravity Forms section? I can’t leave them blank otherwise it defaults to the WordPress site name and admin email.

    I have tested it by putting a different From Name and Email in the Gravity Forms section than in the WP Mail SMTP settings and when it comes to my test inbox, it shows the values in the Gravity Forms settings and not the plugin’s settings. For example in WP Mail SMTP I put the From name as Tester 1 and its email address, and in Gravity Forms I put Tester 2 and its email address, and the mail I receive shows Tester 2 info.

    Should they match what I used in the WP Mail SMTP settings page? I just want to make sure that Gravity Forms is using this plugin to send mail so I can log what’s been sent.

    My WP Mail SMTP plugin sends test emails just fine by the way.

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  • jodzeee


    I think the FROM field in the form overrides what’s in the SMTP settings, but it’s still a good idea to change it in SMTP because it will be used to send email outside of Gravity Forms.

    For example, I have “My Company Name” in the settings, but in the forms, I have it set to be sent from {Name:1} because I want it to appear it’s coming from the person filling out the form. In the From Email field, I have “” (which matches what I’m using in the SMTP settings).

    When someone submits a form, it works great.

    Since I’m a new user of this plugin and want to make sure everything is working properly, I also installed a plugin that sends a periodic report of form submissions just so I can double check. When I get emails from that plugin, they show up as coming from “My Company Name”.

    So that would be an example of when that field is used. Hope that makes sense!

    Mike Zielonka


    @jodzee that solution worked great for me too! 🙂

    Jason Hendriks


    @jodzee, what is the plugin that sends a periodic report of form submissions?

    Hi Chris,

    Gravity forms overwrite email sender/reply-to and its good this way. It works same way how without smtp plugin, you just use SMTP instead your server.
    Email out of Gravity forms – forgot password, registration or whatever else exclude Gravity forms will use settings what you have in SMTP plugin.

    jodzeee setting Sender as visitor who filled the form its not the best practice regarding ”spam” these emails can easily finished in spam box.
    Good practice is sender as site email – admin whatever what you authorized for that site/smtp and then visitor email (who filled the form) set up as ”reply-to”

    About saving entries from submissions, it depend what plugin you use, there are several solutions for that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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