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  • I’m using WordPress as a directory for Theater Reviews. It’s easy to start WordPress at the Review for Carousel by going to (the “?s=” does the work for me)

    But here is where it gets complicated.

    1. If TWO or more theaters present Carousel this year and I want to click a link that says Read a Review, I want the link to take my users to the Walnut Street Theater’s production of Carousel and not to the local High School’s production. How do I do that… can I have more than one keyword?

    2. OK… in 10 years, the Walnut Street Theater decides to do Carousel again and so I’ll have TWO reviews of Carousel at their theater in my database. How do I click a link in my website and have it open WordPress and go to the 2017 Review of Carousel and not to the 2007 Review of Carousel?

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    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you are confusing yourself. I think I understand what you are saying and I think I have the solution. Let me know if I am mistaken.

    It seems your search template is only set to display one full post, right? What happens if you change that search term to something totally different like “performed” or “stage” or “style”? Again you will get the search results of one post that closely matches that search term.

    Therefore, they way your search template is setup will always return poorer and poorer results as your blog grows. Maybe change your search template instead to show 10 posts and only the headlines and a snippet? That way people can see all posts with “Carousel” in them and then choose the appropriate one.

    Hey… I’ll never take it wrong if someone is offering to help me. And thanks for taking the time to focus on my question.

    But no, the answer didn’t do it. I must not have explained things clearly.

    From OUTSIDE of WordPress, in my huge theater website, I list hundreds of theater productions. When I have a review (written and posted in WordPress) and mark my huge website that there is a review in WordPress, Members click a link in my website that says “Read a Review.”

    Then, a new browser window opens pointed at WordPress with the search term already selected (in my example “Carousel”).

    So when the Member gets WordPress opened on his computer, WordPress is already pointing at the Review.

    Yes… there is only one showing, but that’s not my question.

    Because if there were THREE reviews from various theaters all on their own productions of Carousel, THREE reviews would show because the search term was Carousel.

    See what I mean?

    So… other than using the PermaLink to find one specific review (and I could do that), is there a way to use more than one keyword in a search from OUTSIDE of WordPress so that when the program opens, it already has the specific review showing?

    Is that clearer?

    I do, however, like your thought about showing only the headlines and snippets… how/where do I change my search template to do that (assuming that also goes along with my first priority which was stated above).




    Ok, I think I see what you mean.

    1) I really think permalinks are going to be best. However… you want to try to use multiple search terms. For example, let’s say you have 3 different Carousel productions–one in May at a theater named Main Theater, another in July at a venue named Herald Theater, and a third in October back at Main Theater but with an actor name Judy. Well, you can use multiple search terms, so for the first you can use (notice I used the plus sign). Then for the second you can use Then for the third you use

    Caveat: if the word “Judy” also appears in any of the previous two, you might instead show those. Understand? Therefore, the very very best thing to do to always ensure you get the correct one is to use the permalink. I suspect that using search terms might be easier for you right now since you maybe don’t want to go back through and hunt for permalinks and then copy them to links, right? Well, if you could allow me a pun: No work means no play!

    2) If you want to change the code to show the snippets and the headline, open up your search results template and look at this page:

    Hey, you’re terrific.

    WordPress is pretty new to me, but the concepts of HOW it should work are not.

    I think you’ve hit on it with the Plus Sign. Very helpful suggestion. Thanks!


    Oops…. maybe I should have tested this first.

    Is there a way to say Carousel AND Walnut Street Theater so that BOTH terms must appear. I tried Carousel+(Walnut Street Theatre) and I tried Carousel+”Walnut Street Theatre” and the phrase acts like an OR statement and not an AND statement (if you know what I mean).

    So… Carousel+Walnut shows me ALL the reviews with Carousel in them PLUS all the reviews with Walnut in them… as opposed to those that ONLY have both.

    How do I do the subset (the intersection) that has BOTH Carousel AND Walnut Street Theatre listed?

    The reason I like using the Search Terms and not the PermaLinks is because the searches are originating in my large website, run mostly by Drupal. It’s easy to say “go to my WordPress reviews software and look for the production named (and then substitute the Show_name from the MySQL database).”

    I DON’T know of an easy way to automatically find the PermaLink once my reviewer submits the review to WordPress… OH, sure… I can have the reviewer submit the review, click on PermaLink, get the PermaLink address, and then take it back to my Drupal site… but I’m trying to avoid that if all possible. (I’m glad when my reviewers know how to write the review in Word and then copy and paste it to WordPress.)

    So… with THAT additional feedback, other thoughts for me?

    Thanks for your help.




    Hmm, are you sure that + returns an “OR” result? It seems to only return “AND” for me on my blogs. Please try again. I think, but may be wrong, that WordPress natively only allows the “AND” in the searches and if you want “OR” you need to get a plugin. Please do more tests and let me know.

    Every test I run does “or.”

    So, if I have two reviews, Carousel and Sweeney, if I ask for Carousel+Sweeney I get both reviews instead of getting NEITHER review (since neither review has BOTH words in it).

    Here’s a real example: vs

    Carousel is at Walnut Street Theatre and “Players” is for Players Club of Swarthmore. I have reviews for both on my site.

    Note that when you use the first one, only the Carousel review shows. But use the second one, and Carousel PLUS Nunsense II reviews are shown. If this had been an AND statement, neither review would have shown because I don’t have any reviews with BOTH words showing. But this produced an OR statement, allowing reviews with Carousel OR with Players to show.

    So this is showing the summation and NOT the intersection.

    Any further thoughts?

    Again, thanks for your thoughts on this.


    WP has a horrible search, as you already noticed. You can improve your search by installing search plugins for WP, e.g. Zirona’s advanced search plugin, which enables you to search using +, -, quotes, etc. Maybe that might help solving your problem?



    But are you sure it is natively “OR”? I checked on all my blogs and it is returning posts that can only be “AND”.

    Can anyone else help us out on this? OR or AND, which is it?

    I checked out the WP-demo on OpenSourceCMS, which is a default installation of WP. It returns search results based on ´AND´.

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