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  • Either I am opening a can of worms or really close to success…

    Being relatively new to Access but experienced in SQL/RBase, I have created a database of about 50 records of information each having about 12 fields and an associated picture. My goal is to have a page in my web site to which I can allow the user to sift through my information using a few different sorting routines. I am versed in Visual BASIC if that helps.

    The topic is Perennials and a few sorting routines will be by: color, bloom time, PH, height, and of course, a few columns by alphabetical order.

    At the moment, I see no path of knowledge to bridge the web site with the database so I am embarking on a learning experience here.

    How much of a task have I brought on to myself?
    What areas of study might I be checking to learn how to do this?
    Discussion in what to do is also welcome.

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  • WordPress uses it’s own mysql database to store information. The posts, probably what you want to be looking at, is by default named wp_posts. You can review the database diagram here:

    But if you only have fifty records, it would be a great learning experience with WordPress to just go through and create the posts using WordPress’s built in tools.

    WordPress doesn’t support import from Access I think in the way you’d want because the records wouldn’t be similar enough, but it does support import from many different sources:

    Well, 50 records is only a token start. I have 400 more for the next level of development and there is the potential to continue adding.

    So my work developing Access DB cannot be transferred )-: I wonder if I could export it to another program and import it into MySQL… Maybe I should just re-enter the information. At least it is organized now and a lot of the research is done.
    I am checking out the Database Description.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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