How do I upload database (.sql) to have it still work with new url? (1 post)

  1. thenourishedcanuck
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am modifying a test site for someone, and the previous programmer sent me the wordpress folder with all the images, php, css files in it, etc., as well as a .sql file

    I am now uploading the test site to a different url...how do I change the url info in wordpress or the .sql file and have everything function properly and remain the same look as the previous test site.

    You will notice that I didn't do it right because the product category and individual product pages are not correct (as I did a new wordpress install, bla bla cause I couldn't figure it out)

    Here is the former test site:

    and here is the new one:

    Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. It seems like its something that should be fairly simple, as I just need to upload it all to the new url and have it work.

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