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  • Fairly new to HTML code. Quick question.

    I want to edit the code of a current theme w/ the editor, and change the current background image, to a .jpg file from my computer.

    how do i upload the image? and then what directory do i use? images/filename.jpg??

    Thanks guys, Appreciate help.

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  • link?
    themes do it differently

    The current theme I’m using is Styleicious 1.11 by ThaSlayer.

    I’d like to use a three column template which I can edit and place a nice image at the top of the page. A banner I guess you could call it? I’m making an image in photoshop that I want to use as a “title image”… with the name of my site in cool effects.

    I was also considering “Contrast Style.” .. but hoping I can make it work w/ styleicious.


    I can’t post a direct link because you’d have to log in from your wordpress.

    But when you go to “install themes”… and search for 3 column template, its on the first page on the right side.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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