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    I do not see your plugin in my plugins area or in the plugins folder via ftp but “” is in the sidebar of my admin. How do I remove your plugin?

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    For those of you wondering, the “plugin name” is “WP Disable.” Not sure if intentionally misleading. Deleting it will remove it from your site. Either slimy or lazy development. You decide.

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    Im sorry, the plugin is actually called WP DISABLE, nothing at all lazy or misleading there

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    Well, in addition to this issue, I installed all 3 of your plugins (to troubleshoot a clients site as to why we couldn’t remove your plugin) and 2/3 plugins were actually showing up in the plugins area.

    This particular plugin’s name is
    “Reduce HTTP Requests, Disable Emojis & Disable Embeds, Speedup WooCommerce”
    The sidebar menu item is “”
    The plugins page name is “WP Disable”

    You understand why this is irritating right? Perhaps you might consider placing your company’s name in each of the titles.

    I was not the dev that installed the plugin for the client. Whilst debugging an issue, this inconsistency lead me to believe we were dealing with a hacked wp site or bloatware.

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    thanks for the feedback, taken on board and will make it more clear on next updates

    I am unable to remove the plugin. I deactivate it and the click on delete and it hangs while displaying “deleting…”

    If I simply remove the plugin from the directory, this does not delete the heading in the left column of the admin screen

    Just to add to this, I was able to delete the plugin by deactivating all other plugins and then deactivating and deleting wp-disable. This, however, did NOT delete the heading in the admin menu, and clicking on it still brings up the control panel screen for the plugin. What gives? How do I get rid of this? Not very happy with your plugin right now.

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    @andreorion, update to the one i pushed a couple min after that one you have, and the error is fixed

    I updated the plugin and tried to delete as per this post, but it still came back with an internal server error until I deactivated all plugins.

    EDIT: And the menu is still present in the admin sidebar with the dashboard making it terribly easy to reinstall the plugin you’ve just taken off. Seems a little spammy if I’m honest and it doesn’t look great. If I’ve uninstalled your plugin, I don’t really want anything lingering about.

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