[resolved] How do I turn WordPress into a private Journal using .htaccess (2 posts)

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    Ok, I would like to create a wordpress installation which has all posts only accessible after you provide a password (same for all users).

    So, apart from a couple of pages, which should be defined in a whitelist, everything else ought to only be visible after you provide a password (including feeds, images [except for the theme of course], etc.).

    I suppose the easiest implementation would be with a .htaccess hack. But as I don't know too much about that, I would love to get some hints.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Sorry for this PAQ, found the solution myself.

    Though without a htaccess, the WP-Password Plugin serves the purpose quite fine.

    It does not keep anybody from directly accessing any uploaded files (in case they know the exact url), but if you never got into the website at first hand, you shouldn't be able to find those anyway.

    Hope this helps somebody. If not, feel free to delete. :-)

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