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  • I have searched for an answer to this – maybe I am not using the correct terminology. I would like to see what websites are linked to my blog. The Incoming Links widget on my Dashboard seems to apply only to incoming blog links. Thank you.

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  • Rangga


    use google..
    type on the search bar :

    Thank you. I did that and it shows no links at all. I know there are at least two incoming links. Is it possible I have something set wrong in WordPress that hides incoming links? (I’m pretty new to all this, so pardon the question if it is irrelevant.)

    Just have to check (apologies if I’m assuming things incorrectly)…

    In the Google search bar did you type replacing ‘’ with your actual domain name and extension (no www), and also without a space between the colon and your domain name?

    I copied this from the search bar – – I think it is the proper input… Here are the sites that link to it: (Youth Pilot Blog Button) (Youth Pilot second from the bottom)

    I’m really stumped…Thanks for your time and help!

    When did these sites add the link to your website from theirs? I’m wondering if maybe you just need to wait for Google’s index to update to reflect a new(ish) link?

    Thank you for pointing that out. I wasn’t aware there would be a lag. The links were within a couple of days of the first of the year. How long does it typically take? Thank you again…

    It can vary, sometimes the indexing happens really quickly, other times it can take a few weeks or months, unfortunately. I find my posts get indexed almost instantaneously, but pages vary. It depends on how often the bots crawl the other sites (they may be able to tell you that if they’re registered for Google Webmaster Tools).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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