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    I have a couple of WP 2.1.2 installations where I do not want any comments posted. I have done the following:

    • renamed wp-commments-post.php out of the way
    • ditto comments.php
    • removed all visible links to posting comments

    I am still getting dozens of spam comments requiring moderation every day. Obviously the spammers know more about WP than I do (not hard since I am a newbie).

    None of these spam comments actually get seen since I have moderation on… but it is agravating having to go in and delete them every morning.

    So how are the spammers doing it? There must be some file(s) other than wp-comments-post.php and comments.php involved. If anyone can tell me how completely disable comments I would greatly appreciate it.

    [Interestingly Askimet is only catching about half of these comments, and Bad Behavior doesn’t stop them either.]


    –Doug/Salem Design

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  • There’s a plugin which I use called ‘Comment Timeout’. The URL for more information is

    It basically allows to have complete control on how and when a particular post should close the comments.

    Try it and let me know if it was helpful.

    Doug, those are probably not comments but trackbacks – the favorite method for the spam nowadays. Although BB and Akismet should catch them. Do you have the latest version of those plugins?

    Thanks Bhooshan but this isn’t a case where I want to control which entry can have comments or when… I don’t want any comments at all… I am fed up having to go into moderation to zap the ones in the queue.

    rudolf45, you seem to have been correct. I went in and renamed wp-trackback.php out of the way… And I haven’t had any spam comments show up in moderation since.


    –Doug/Salem Design

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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