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  • There is no Button to tell this plugin to check for broken links !!
    Or at least I cannot find it.

    Am I just supposed to wait for it to randomly decide to run ??

    Also, it there a way to tell this plugin to NOT run every _xx_ hours??

    Honestly, I don NOT want it to run in the background, ever.
    I ONLY want to run it on demand.
    Then I want to turn it off when I’m not using it to perform a maintenance check.

    For now, I decided to enter 4380 hours (about 6 months).

    In the meantime. WHEN does it start running for the FIRST time.

    If there is no way to Tell it to RUN now, (and also no way to turn off automatic periodic checks), this plugin will not be useful to me. I suspect that many others will be puzzled by the lack of a RUN NOW or FIND BROKEN LINKS NOW button.

    It looks like there are only about 20 downloads so far, so perhaps this is a new plugin, and perhaps I should wait for further development and testing?
    It does look promising. It is also the only one that is marked for this version of WordPress. But new software also tends to be a bit buggy at first,so “newness” isn’t the only statistic to pay attention to.

    All the Best..

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  • Thread Starter SherylHohman


    The plugin shows:
    Checking status
    No internal or external broken links found.
    No links Detected.

    Which is Absolutely incorrect on both counts.

    I dunno if it silently ran in the background, and is absolutely broken.
    Or if it has never run, and this is the default message.
    If the latter, the default message should read something more like, “Easy Broken Link Checker has not yet been run for the first time.” (And add instructions telling us HOW to get it to START running.)
    Also, perhaps it should always include the date/time of the last time it completed running.

    Plugin Author tahminajannat


    @sherylhohman thanks for your feedback based on your feedback we have updated the plugin.

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