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  • Hello.

    I hired a web designer with prestigious clients to do my website and during the creation of the site she has had excellent follow though. She has now been unreachable online and by phone for almost 2-weeks. This is not like her.

    I think she has dies or has been in an accident. This is not a scam since she nearly finished the site.

    She enabled me to log into the Word Press website but only with limited access. When I try to take the site off of maintenance mode I am not allowed to.

    I am a tech/web dummy so I do not fully understand how it all works. I just know it’s a self hosted site using the Bluebrry plug in so I can podcast.

    I am developing a podcast as a business and not being able to debut my site is hindering my business. I do not want to sell ads without a completed site as that would make a poor first impression.

    I log in at: where I can make limited changes to the site.

    I have email exchanges with the web designer as well as proof of payment from PayPal. Can anyone help me?


    PS: I do not know what version of WP this is.

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  • Hi Jeff, are you an administrator on the site?

    If you have paid for hosting, you can retrieve server access credentials from hostgator, which is what another developer would need to get started.

    Hi Andrew,

    I am an admin I think. I can update the site but we never debuted the site.

    Since I am an internet tech dummy here are some excerpts from my email with the web designer to show more insight on the issue:

    “I’ll also host your site for a year for free”

    “I’ll need you to log in to your registrar account for and change the nameservers to:
    __(leaving blank_____
    __(leaving blank_____”

    “Your site will be its own entity with standalone WordPress software installed in its own directory and it’s own individual MySQL database. It will be no different than if you set up your own shared hosting account with HostGator. I’d recommend you continue using HostGator even after I’m no longer hosting your site for you. If after the year is up, you’re happy with everything and don’t really want to change, you can just pay me to keep hosting your site at that point. Or you can set up your own HostGator account and we can migrate everything over. The choice will be yours.”

    “Your website will be backed up regularly using BackupBuddy and you will have access to the individual backup files & import script via your WordPress dashboard. If I get hit by a bus, you’ll be able to easily download a complete backup of your site, along with the migration script, and relaunch everything on the server of your choice. Well, you may not be able to do it yourself (not right now, anyway)… but there are plenty of people out there who can help you if I’m pushing up daisies.”

    I am also using Bluebrry as I am a podcaster.

    Any thoughts?

    Something must have happened to her becuase we worked on the site quite a while and she always had excellent follow though. She must be injured, dead or something crazy.

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