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  • I don’t want an enclosure pointing to a video file. How do I remove the enclosure element. When I hit delete, it doesn’t do anything.

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  • Is this something on your site? How did it get there? Is it in a Theme or in one of your posts? If it is in a post, from the admin panel, MANAGE > POSTS and find the post, click EDIT and find the enclosure and delete it.

    If it is in your php template files or the theme, that’s a bigger issue, but I don’t know of anyone who has yet put a video file inside of a Theme template….that would be a first.

    So can you be more specific? I looked at your site and found a lot of links to audio and mp3 and such, but didn’t spot a video reference.

    I’m having this problem too, after linking to a .mov file. I didn’t even know wtf was going on until I googled “wordpress enclosure quicktime”. This link was helpful for explaining what was happening, but I don’t really care what happens in my RSS feeds (not sure anyone even uses them) but what I do want to do is remove the bit it automatically adds to the end of my post:
    enclosure: http://blahblah/ 41509080 video/quicktime
    I have the same issue as allthetime – I can’t delete the custom field that WP adds the enclosure as.
    I understand what’s happening, and what WordPress is doing, but is it necessary to add this (useless imo) info to the actual post as well as the RSS feed? There doesn’t seem to be any option to turn it off, but if someone wants to point me to the right file I’ll see if I can hack it to stop it displaying.

    And Lorelle – it’s not part of the site or a Theme, it’s a built-in function of WP.

    hmm bit a major bug deleting unwanted enclosures – just upgraded from 1.5 nightly (not sure which one – early Feb, 02 or 03 I think?) to 1.5 proper – you can’t delete enclosures from a Published post. You have to goto draft first. But then when you publish they come back again…. aaargh!

    You get the message ‘Custom Field Deleted’ while trying to delete enclosures from a published post, but they don’t go away and stay in the feed and on the page…

    For your information you could at least delete Published enclosures in my 1.5 nightly – just switched back and yes it does still work.

    Also is there anyway you can restrict or limit the types of enclosures being automatically created?

    I put a MP3 on a new line but also have anchor links to other media in the copy- WordPress is still (in this latest version) making several of them enclosures, even when the link is only in the href, not in the body of the page.

    hmm….rather than piss everyone off by leeching their bandwidth by RSS feeding other people’s files I’ve had to switch back…for the *second* time! 🙁

    I’ve had less trouble with the 1.5 Nightlies (RIP) than upgrading to the new version…:-( But I won’t get support if I don’t upgrade, but to be honest my nightly seems much more stable than the full version and does everything I want to do…the only reason I’ve tried to upgrade unsucessfully twice is the ‘no support’ thing.

    Oh well…least I saw more than a white page this time :-¦

    What is the formal way to get help around here? 1 billion wordpress downloads, no support. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for complaining, but this is the second time I’ve tried to seek help and was either ignored or rudely told to post the bug on some other site.

    Good game.

    I don’t want an enclosure pointing to a video file. How do I remove the enclosure element. When I hit delete, it doesn’t do anything.


    It’s not a bug it’s a feature 🙂
    Someone looking at your site using a RSS reader that supports enclosures, will be able to get the file directly without needing to go to the site, read yet again the text (he read it in the rss reader, and read it twice on the web) download it and so on.

    The enclosure RSS tag is harmless for those who doesn’t need it and of a great feature for those who need it

    my two euro-cents


    It’s not a feature when you’re leeching other people’s bandwidth accidentally because WP is adding enclosures to any linked media in your post?

    I don’t want to kill people’s bandwidth constraints because I can’t delete an enclosure…still having problems with this, and using the gamma version because to be honest the proper version*doesn’t work properly*

    It’s not a feature, it’s a bug that you can’t delete enclosures! Otherwise why is there a ‘Delete’ button in the first place?

    Unless WP want to create the ability to have separate feeds according to category for me? I doubt those subscribing to my podcast really want to download everything I ever post…

    Unless WP want to create the ability to have separate feeds according to category for me? I doubt those subscribing to my podcast really want to download everything I ever post…
    Something along the lines of:

    oops sorry I didn’t know it could do that!

    thanks! 😀

    sadly won’t get over the deleting enclosures issue unless I create podcasts with show notes with no other links….:-(

    But really cool it ca do that 🙂

    As you can see in the other thread this is still an issue for me and others and still no response.

    Quite a lot of the podcasting community chose WordPress to podcast from, a few in part from my personal recommendation.

    I can’t recommend WordPress anymore because not being able to delete the automatically generated multiple enclosures is a major issue, and podcasting clients will just ignore the feed or ignore the extra files, probably ignoring your podcast.

    A month later and I hear nothing – and sadly I think the podcasting community using WP will go elsewhere eventually. I’m quite disgusted at the lack of support, even for a free product.

    Developers used to post here before Strayhorn’s lauch…even a short one line post of ‘we’re looking at it’ or ‘we wont fix this’ will let us know what to do next.

    I’m patient, have been for a month since this was raised…but I’m starting to lose patience.

    I second timbearcubs’ concerns. I constructed a post with multiple links out to various mp3 files and WordPress is creating multiple enclosures in my RSS 2.0 file resulting in an Invalid file. This RSS file should be valid and WordPress should not be automatically generating enclosures for each mp3 link. Does anyone have any fixes so that my RSS feed can come alive again?

    you still can’t take out an enclosure in You click the delete button and it just doesn’t do it – so another ‘downgrade’ to my unsupported nightly. Sigh.

    So do I need to find a better podcasting platform? Web Application of the Year don’t make me laugh…

    a disappointed ex-fan.

    If you send us a list of podcasting clients that are broken we’ll work with the authors.

    No! PLEASE just tell us how to delete the unwanted enclosure tags, or disable the enclosure feature altogether so we can hand-code it into our posts or something.

    It’s a widespread standard for enclosures that only one should be allowed per post; for those of us who wish to comply with this standard, so our blogs can be properly syndicated, please fix.

    Right now, I generally get two enclosure tags added by WordPress to each post but I only want one (for the first movie file in the post, the hi-res and the lo-res versions). When I delete the second enclosure, it refreshes and I end up with THREE, ie the second one and a duplicate of it.


    Sorry, to clarify, I have two movie files in each post, a hi-res first and then a lo-res one, and I only want the hi-res to go out in the feed. The lo-res one is for dialup visitors to the site.

    WordPress is attracting some negative comment in the video blogging and podcast communities because of this problem, so I hope the developers will take note and rectify.


    A common-sense suggestion was made here:

    Can someone come up with a PHP hack that will mean only links that include rel=”enclosure” are turned into RSS enclosures by WordPress?

    The hack would only have to be implemented by those who want it …


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