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  • I’m using Godaddy to host several sites and thanks to this forum and the duplicator plugin I have figured out how to maintain several different development environments on my local machine for development work. My question is this. Should the need arise, how can I sync the databases on the sever and local machines. Even though they have identical structures they have different names and passwords.

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  • I think what you are asking is how to make changes on your local machine so they are auto-populated to your server?

    To do this, I use Dreamweaver. Set up an FTP account to your webserver… and as you work locally.. when you save changes, it will also save to the server.

    I’m sure there are also free programs that do this… but I don’t know of any off-hand… perhaps someone else can chime in??

    Unfortunately Dreamweaver only works with the files. It doesn’t make any sort of changes to the database and can’t do that sort of replication.

    In short, what you want won’t work. It will break either your local development environment or your live site. The database holds hard-coed URL values, including the main sites URL. While you can change this in the wp-config.php file the hard-coded URL’s will always be used for any URL’s (images, links, etc) in your content. By replicating the database you will have both of them pointing to the same URL’s all of the time. You also mentioned that you have different users, so this is another thing that will break.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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