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  • colmstar


    Hey guys, I’m fairly new to wordpress so I have a few questions on home page construction.

    How do I set up my homepage to look like this

    This is the weaver theme but I’m a bit confused…

    Is this what they call a static homepage? (If so how do I make it like this?)
    How do I show excerpts like the ones below the site?
    And are the different things in the navigation bar seperate pages or posts?

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  • Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer


    This isn’t a static home page. As you scroll down, you can see a number of posts (each with “leave a comment”).

    The simplest way to do the excerpt is to use the “more” tag. When editing a post, you’ll see an icon along the top of the editor that looks two blocks on top of each other with a dashed line between them (to the right of the broken link icon).

    That will add an <!–more–> tag to your page, which will tell WordPress that it should be a break point.

    Yes, each navbar item is a separate page/post. You can edit the navbar using Appearance->Menus.

    Hope that helps!



    Thank you for the part about it not being a static home page Brandon 😀 It really helped. I’m still confused about something though.

    How does this site have a chunk of text at the top
    And then excerpts to other posts at the bottom?

    I understand how to make excerpts, I just don’t understand how the homepage is structured to have 2 columns of excerpts on the bottom and a solid article on top.

    With my website all my posts are just horizontal excerpt posts that just stack one after the other.



    I’m thinking theres a stickied post on top. for the chunk of text.
    But I’m not sure how to produce the 2 column excerpt posts at the bottom.

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Well, that’s known as a “grid loop”. Unless you have a theme that supports that “out of the box”, there’s not a way to have that without some custom work.

    Here’s a past forum post that has a pretty easy way of doing it.

    It gives one option on how to do it within your theme and another of checking out a theme like Magazine Basic (then checking out that code and figuring out how it works).

    Please do be sure to backup any files you’re going to edit in case something goes weird! I learned most of what I know by breaking things, then figuring out how to fix it again. 🙂 –BK



    Im not the smartest so do take what Im saying face value but I would go to the dashboard,add a new page, name it home, then go to the setting>reading and add that as the home page.

    Most of that stuff is just text and some tables from what im looking at. If you dont know about tables, look at this
    and just play around with it. Get the ultimate tinyMCE it’ll make much easier.

    That should give you a good start.

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Here’s a tutorial on how to do this from a really great WordPress developer:

    A better, and easier, grid loop

    Much of it may seem Greek, but it’s solid code.

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