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  • I clicked, but nowhere did I find the word ‘jewlery’ or obviously unintentional links to Microsoft….

    You have a BHO toolbar – spyware – on your system. I think I remember when I was cleaning out one of these systems, that the spyware did that to their system. I don’t see anything wrong in Firefox.

    Good luck!

    Guess I need to update my spyware


    Speaking as a hardcore geek, there is, to my knowledge, no way for a 3rd party server (Microsoft’s, for example) to hijak traffic intended for another server (yours, in this case), by any method – including remotely inserting links into your site’s pages – without the use of 3rd party utilities – commonly known as Spyware(TM) 🙂

    Please consider switching to Firefox 🙂

    Speaking as someone who doesn’t consider himself a hardcore geek but no whens someone is not, it’s entirely possible to insert something. Improbably yes, but possible. If you were upstream you could just edit his packets, packet spoof, dns redirecting.

    I didn’t say that ‘someone’ could not do it, I said that a server cannot do it without assistance from another piece of software. There is no way to configure IIS (or Apache, for that matter) to intercept traffic meant for another machine and insert links back to itself. That can only be done two ways – a 3rd party application installed on the client machine (certain types of spyware, for example), or, as you said, someone doing it manually after intercepting the client’s connection.

    In other words, Microsoft did not have anything to do with what was happening to him, since there is no server that can physically do that. It *requires* interference from some external software.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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