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    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place. The disabilities associated with my neurological illness makes it difficult to navigate many sites, and I’m only posting here because the abuse reporting feature seems to be broken or ignored by WordPress staff.

    Myself and other colleagues are experiencing repeated abuse from a one Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR (Cannabis Law Reform). Without going into too much details, Mr Reynolds has a colourful reputation, and one which has been reported about in the media on more than one occasion.

    Many activists, myself included, have been vocal critics of Mr Reynolds, and he has resorted to such actions as reporting us to the police (which the police deemed there was no action to take – you can check with Dorset Constabulary to confirm). He then tried to sue 4 activist for defamation, and lost miserably in the high court.

    (See as an example).

    So Mr Reynolds has now resorted to using his wordpress blog to attack us. His latest blog post, , has my photograph in the bottom right hand corner and the photos of 4 other activists mixed up with genuine people who have been prosecuted for trolling.

    He also mentions me by name in this blog post – – , even tagging me, threatening to sue me in the high court. He didn’t, and he won’t considering his recent high court losses, yet the blog post is still up.

    He has been far more vocal with other activists, especially with Chris Bovey (who has recently won his high court battle with Mr Reynolds).

    Please could you advise me as to what the next step is. You ignore my abuse reports… Am I forced to waste time and health that I don’t have to find a legal route to persuade you to take action?

    You have my email address, and I have also given you my telephone number in an abuse report. Please advise me as to what the next step is.

    Many thanks,
    – Stuart Wyatt

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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