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  • Hi everyone,

    I hate to sound stupid but i’m trying to create a new website in wordpress. I sucessfully installed it to my web host. but now i have only a blog page with no dashboard. I cannot figure out how to start a website. I have a couple templates picked out too but i can’t figure out how to get to a dashboard or administration panel or anything. Ugh. I’m an experienced Mac user. Please help. thanks.

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  • I am new like you but I would suggest you to create page instead post.

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    thanks kris42. when i installed wordpress it asked me to name the file so i called it can you look at that and tell me if that is what i’m supposed to start with? it does not give me the option to create a page. it’s from

    So i think i just don’t know how to start at all in word press. if i start with how do i start a website? i’m confused. i do not see anyplace to start other than read all the material, which i already did.


    Have a look at First_Steps_With_WordPress.

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    esmi, thanks, i did read all that.

    i think my problem is i don’t have a site yet. how do i start a site and save it all before publishing it and where do all my files reside until i publish it?

    i thought it asked me to start a blog name when i installed. so i think i wrote in “”. Now if i go to that in a browser i get a third party blog site called It asks me register. I don’t think this is what i want at all.

    can you check that “” and tell me if that is anything? thanks.

    Your site’s content is stored in your database – not in files.

    can you check that “” and tell me if that is anything?

    What is the rest of the domain name?

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    FatCow, my host, put a folder inside my current site,
    So i guess it’s

    When i do that i get a blog from wordpress. I see off the rt. side is “Meta” and then under that “login”. When i do my login I finally get my Dashboard!!!! yes, i think this is it? can you tell me if this is it?


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    So if you check

    I do not get the default blog site that shows in the Codex “First Steps with WordPress”.

    It says that you should get the blue blog by default and then “begin by logging into admin panel.”

    When i log into admin panel i’m getting “” dashboard but no settings to turn that into a website. I don’t want the blog and want to start a site.

    My plan is to eventually use this new site as an up date of my current site:, which I did with iPhoto. I need a much more comprehensive photography site and I’ve found some great templates in WordPress. Whatever help you can give me would be appreciated. THanks so much.

    not sure what you mean? You want to use wordpress as your website? correct? You want a static homepage? Or one you can post new articles on?

    You can change the name of your blog on your dashboard
    settings >> general >> Site Title

    You need to create the website using the dashboard. post are like article pages…change your perma links

    setting >> perma links >> choose one other then Default. I use Day and name.

    Your menu would be set-up using/setting up pages.

    So if you want an about page you would use Pages in the dashboard to set this up. If you wanted to write an article on widgets then use posts…

    You also need to unpack wordpress to your root directory if you want it to show up as your main site.

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    Yes, exactly. I want to use WordPress as a website. And yes Static Hompage. Eventually I want a gallery of images to click on.

    So I think you answered my question.

    However the guys at FatCow, my host, told me that i needed to put wordpress into one of my site folders, not into the root directory until I was ready to publish it. Does that should ok to you? They had a one button install for WordPress and then they helped me figure out where to install it exactly.

    you will have to move your files once you are ready to go live.

    here is how to do that

    since you did a one click install, make sure you have the latest addition of wordpress (WordPress 3.0)

    there are many plugins and themes that can help with you site…take advantage of them.

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    Thank you for the tips. I think I’m on my way. I did find some photography 3rd party themes that I like.

    Thank you so much for the help.

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