How do I specify a path in a form tag's action, for a separate form handler ? (1 post)

  1. FeralReason
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Advance apologies for what seems like a very dumb question:

    I have a page template with an HTML form. I want to use a separate PHP form handler for that form (rather than going to SELF.)

    1) Do I create a template for the handler and a page using that template ?
    2) OR can I actually go straight to a PHP form handler without a template ?
    3) And, whichever is the correct case, can someone give me an example of how to specify the path in the form tag's action ? e.g. in the non-WP PHP world, this might be something like:

    <form action="form_handler.php" id="contactForm" method="post">

    I've tried this multiple ways and continually get the "Not Found" page.

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