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    Apologies if this is answered somewhere else but all I can see are topics about how add excerpts or amend the length of them.

    As I understand it excerpts are automatically added to new posts but I’d rather have my full post displayed on my blog, or at least have the option to click ‘more’ to add my own break.

    I have tried using the ‘how to add excerpts’ forum topics to work backwards to remove them, but I cannot see the relevant HTML.

    How do I remove the automatic excerpts? Some of my posts are displaying fully (or up to where I’d added a jump-break myself) and I cannot see what I’ve done differently to them. The only difference I can see is that the ones displayed as excerpts only have a ‘More galleries’ link afterwards and the full posts say ‘Posted in blog’ (blog being a link).

    Any help would be much appreciated, and in plain English if possible as I don’t know HTML! Thank you.

    (p.s. if you need to see my site to understand what I mean it’s

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  • Your page is down…

    Some of my posts are displaying fully (or up to where I’d added a jump-break myself) and I cannot see what I’ve done differently to them.

    that is weird …

    normally, excerpts or full content is determined if your theme is using the_excerpt() or the_content() in the template (index.php for the front page ?)


    Thanks for letting me know it was down, back up now.

    The content info page looks like what I’m after however I can’t find any HTML of ‘the_content’!

    however I can’t find any HTML of ‘the_content’!

    i have no idea what you mean with that.

    can you explain, maybe with an example, what you are looking for?

    Found this in another forum:

    replace the_excerpt() function with the_content() function

    I assumed it was in the HTML but upon further Googling it’s in the loop.php file, but can anyone tell me where that is?

    in loop.php, find this section (about line 60):

    <?php endif; ?>
    					<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
    			<?php endif; ?>
    			</div><!-- .entry-content -->

    and replace the_excerpt() with the_content()

    I’ve done that, it’s not worked 🙁

    Do I need to reinstall the theme or something? And if I do will I lose all of my widgets/pages/customisations?

    Same problem here I am not getting a full post just an excerpt .

    If you followed a similar proceedure as above and still no solution, try a plugin called “Advanced Excerpts”

    it will only work if your theme does indeed have the_excerpt in it’s template files somewhere. If it does, the plugin can force the excerpt to show as much or little content as you like.

    if the plugin does nothing, it’s likely your theme is not using the_excerpt to get it’s excerpts, then it gets a bit more complicated.

    I am not HTML savvy I would like to copy and paste the code to try it but I don’t know where to look to insert. I did install the Advanced Excerpts and it does not present an interface to configure it to show the full post. Stuck in a quagmire of technobabble.

    Your theme may be using <?php the_excerpt();?> instead of <?php the_content();?> in its template files. Try editing the relevant template file(s) and replacing <?php the_excerpt();?> with <?php the_content();?>

    Just did thanks esmi and deepbevel it works

    I deleted the php the excerpt and replaced it with php the content in the index.php file.

    This comes up on the forum everyday. The featureed image on the full post issue too. I imagine it would be difficult to do a plugin that addressed these issues or there would be one by now. I haven’t found any so far and I look all the time.

    OK I tried the plug in also and set the word limit to 999 it also displayed the full post from the category link. Thanks folks. It has a configuration tab below settings .

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