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  • How do I fix this ugliness: I don’t want the entire post to show up, I’d like it to be a paragraph followed by a “read more”. Also how do I change it so there aren’t 3 columns? How do I add pictures to the slider? And is there a good tutorial that will show me how to do this stuff?

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  • Okay… Now it’s just truncated and there’s no link and it doesn’t say “read more.” I just ordered WordPress for Dummies from the library, I can program a website with Dreamweaver and HTML, not sure why this is so difficult for me!

    I’ve very familiar with the theme you’re using. 3 columns is how it’s supposed to look out of the box. Depending on how you do want it to look, you might be able to get a single-column view set up with a little css.
    the theme has a set value for the “excerpt length”. You’ll probably need to edit the home.php or fromblog-widget.php

    ElegantThemes themes look nice, but they don’t build em to be easy to customize (outside of the what’s in the theme options).

    for the slider – the image comes from the featured image of the associated post. you set the category for posts to be used in the slider in the theme options…
    You might just be better off posting your questions in the ElegantThemes support forum. They’re usually pretty helpful as far as getting it to work the way it’s meant to work.


    Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it. I’m okay with 3 columns, I guess once I have at least 3 posts it will look better. I thought about posting at ElegantThemes but this seems like basic WordPress stuff that I just have to figure out. Where do I go to edit the home.php?

    Since you know this theme so well, do you think it’s good mainly for photo and travelogue blogging?

    Themes, edit in the admin area. I would recommend making a Child theme w the changes, but their themes aren’t very child theme friendly. In general, I don’t like the image handling in any of their themes, but if you get post that, its a decent theme. Here’s a site I did a mashup of chameleon and simplism for
    [unrelated link moderated]

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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