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  • Never mind. None of the documentation mention a button on the dashboard with the Facebook plugin options. I found it, though.


    Hello Bryan, maybe you can help me out! I’ m kind of having the same problem as you, as I am a newbie to all of this. I installed the plugin, ok. I just wanted to have a like and a follow button on my website – I insert the widgets and they are blank… I did put the url! Do I need to set up a Facebook app for the plugin to work? Maybe you already figured it out and can help me? Thanks a lot! Rita

    Hello Bryan,

    I’m having same problem also.
    Where can i get the App ID and App Secret? I seem cannot find anywhere on my facebook account.

    Is there any special setting that i need to change / enable to see the App ID and App Secret?


    Same here, instructions are clear as mud!

    If you just want to use the Facebook like and share features then just on the left side of the dashbaord screen. There should be a Facebook button and the bottom. Everything is there. I don’t know how the app and open grap things work but I didn’t want them anyway.

    …and click on ‘Apps’

    May require you to register as a developer – couple of clicks, as I recall…

    I have been stuck. The documentation states install the plugin and then get your App ID and App Secret. But not clear where to go.

    You have to logon to facebook accout, go to the and then say yes you are a developer 🙂 and you have an APP you want do.

    Of course this makes no sense! I’m not a developer, I am a user who wants my wordpress plugin to shake hands with facebook but it seems the only way is you have to go thru the whole process of stating to facebook yes your facebook account, (you) is a developer. You really aren’t a developer but you are telling facebook your app needs that App ID and App Secret.

    So go thru the registration of this, I just use an app called “wordpress”. Go here: and you will see the App ID and App Secret.

    Once you install the plugin on your wordpress site you will see FACEBOOK on left side/bottom of your dashboard and it will show the general option, where you can update the App ID and App Secret.

    If you want to add a like or send button, on your post or page, add

    [facebook_like_button] <– shortcode

    So I am stuggling with follow me. When I click on follow me button I don’t have an option to use the shortcode but have to tell the plugin to put this follow me on posts and pages. If I click on the read more about follow me, I get back to facebook site:

    So then I fill out the form on the this page and get code. Now I think I am suppose to put code on my page – but I thought the point of the plugin was not to have to code anything. So I am stumped.

    I just to put a nice facebook box w/ the facebook account, smiling people etc. and have people follow the facebook account and put this on one static page (a contact page). But am stumped.

    If I am incorrect on any of the above, please someone correct me! I want to make sure I understand this while I add another help to support for the follow me part 🙂

    OK there is more – turns out the code App ID and Secret Code for my “wordpress’ app ended up looking like default code. So I made another app called ‘wordpress2’ and if gave me a new app id and secret code.

    I have the iframe code for the facebook code, generated by: and put this on the page, but only get the developers follow me box!

    Told the basic app that is the valid domain, but get

    You have specified an App Domain but have not specified a valid integration URL. must be derived from one of: Site URL, Mobile Site URL, Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL.

    Follow Button is not working….any ideas here? The plugin should just work with a button 🙂

    oops just saw this <resolved> will open a new thread.

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