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  • This is my site:
    I just installed SMF and WordPress. My problem is,the wordpress is located at and I’d like it to be installed on the root(clean domain):

    I tried so far,and I don’t understand how do I do it. Please help me?

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  • I don’t understand it.
    I already have my WordPress at the link but I want it at
    With that said,I don’t know where to move the files I have in WordPress directory.

    This is so hard….

    Read the link from xmleads again. Skip step 1 as you already have WordPress uploaded and in its own directory — no need to move them anywhere.

    If you really feel the need to move things you could certainly go with an approach found at Moving_WordPress. A bit more “brute force” but certainly an option.

    This is what I did:
    Went to general setting and changed Site address (URL) from to Then I went to the root and copied the index file and editted the thing it says.

    I stil got nothing. Feel free to check;;all I have is that Index of,which I had before.

    I went through a similar journey.
    You are almost there.
    You have to relocate VERY WP file and folder to the root.
    Make sure that index.html from your old site is not there aany more.

    Now once this is working , you will have more work to do. Unfortunately the hard links to any graphics that you placed in pages will have broken links. You have to fix everyone of them manually.

    This is not too bad a task.. Just pne the Dashboard and open each page. Take a look at the code for each page with the HTML view instead of the VISUAL view. Take a look at the code and you should see the old folder in the path name. Just delete that folder/ and all should be well. Be sure to hit update.


    You have to relocate VERY WP file and folder to the root.

    You have to relocate EVERY WP file and folder to the root.

    @mckinney – no, that’s not all necessary (follow the link to “Giving WP its own directory”)

    @lithium13 – I’m not sure where you copied the index.php file to, but it isn’t in the root directory. If I try to go to I get a 404 error. Same as if I try to go to

    If it IS there then make sure it is readable by the webserver.

    Sure you can point everything to everywhere if you have the skill sets and understand all of this perfectly but I believe in keeping everything neat and tidy and all in the same “original” file hierchy. This makes it much easier to later move it again as you do not have to remember where everything is located and what is pointing to what.

    I think it is best to put the WP files at the root. And yes, you can change the pointer to where the image files are kept but again all the image files are uploaded somewhere “odd.”

    I am just saying that the folks who are lost on all of this seem to get it better by having a simple fix for their issue 1.) Prepare your root, 2. Change both pointers in the Dashboard BEFORE moving files 3.) Move all the files, 4. Fix the links.

    And somewhere you need to tell folks that when they change their dashboard settings that they lose access to their Dashboard until they move the files. That part is pretty scarey if you are not prepared for it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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