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  • spiderplant0


    Hi, I’d like to have a slider of featured products on my shopping site.

    WooCommerce seems to refer to something called ‘featured products’ but I cant find anywhere how you set this up. So my questions are: How to I mark products as ‘featured’. And once I do, how to I get them on the front page?

    I have found a ‘featured products’ widget that I have dragged into the sidebar, and I have also tried adding to a page:
    [featured_products per_page=”12″ columns=”4″]

    Under my theme setting (I’m using ‘Wootique’) I have set ‘Home page featured products’ to ‘Slider’ and under Settings > Reading, I have FrontPage = ‘Shop’

    I am a complete WordPress newbie by the way so please dont assume I should have already done something obvious.


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  • spiderplant0


    Finally figured out that to set a product as featured you click on the star in the product listing. Still cant get the slider to run though.



    Woo Themes may be able to offer better help with their commercial themes — as they are not generally supported here.

    spiderplant0 – you saved me a lot of time, thank you!!

    haha its just that star! saved me a lot of time too, thank you spiderplant0!

    have you set a featured image along with your product? maybe that’s why its not showing up on the featured products panel.

    Same with me! You’re my hero spiderplant0! LOL 😀

    So simple, I thought I was going mad!

    spiderplant0 you’re a star! (no pun intended) lol


    I also am using woo commerce and love just one wish. How do I get it not to say: “Featured Product” on the homepage I just want it to list the product that I have featured.

    Right now in very large letters it says featured product which is very distracting to the design. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks again

    Try adding this to your CSS:

    .home #main h1 {
       display: none;

    Wow I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thank you very much. I was working the angle that was a completely more complicated direction. Thanks for setting me straight. Great!

    I try to use Wootique theme and don’t know how to pull the featured product to the slider. Thanks you spiderplant0, you saved my time a lot!

    many thanks, man, you saved me, had been beating around the bush on how to set a product as a featured one.


    I am using woo commerce pluging let me any tell that how to manage product category in navigation.


    Having the same problem here:

    If you scroll down on the page you will see “Latest Products” and “Featured Prodcuts” – both widget do not show the photo!!!!

    1. YES the featured image ‘star’ is clicked to yes on the product page
    2. YES the featured image and gallery images are uploaded

    Please help or tell me where I can find the answer 🙁

    Thank you

    Can someone please tell me where to find the “Featured Products” title on the homepage in the editor? Or in which template I would find it in? So much appreciated! Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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