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  • this is a real simple dumb question but i read the faqs and pounded my key board and mouse. when you click manage blog when you are at the dashboard it tells you many interesting things but it doesn’t not say how to see how many viewers or lurkers you have and what their IPs are. I am sorry but i grew up on a BB and I find the info useful. If that info is now considered baise’ or irrelevant i guess i can live with that but potential advertisers have asked about my “numbers”

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  • Joni


    Well there is a handy plugin that tells you how many users are currently online, called WP-Users-Online and it ships in standard and widget formats, from Lester Chan.

    I rely on my server’s logs and Google Analytics to tell me that info, however.

    I use the stats. It is very basic…does anyone know how accurate this is?

    I just checked out the Google Analytics just mentioned above. Question..If you know…the tracking code we need to copy…do we copy this to the “index.php” file right at the root folder of my website or the “index.php” inside the theme folder?
    I just want to track the visits to my site…no matter which article is read.

    Thanks for any input.





    google analytics ought to be put inside your theme’s footer.php, if your theme has one.

    Thanks…I appreciate the response. I got it set now.

    you can also use the sitemeter ot see the # of people who viewed your site. At first, it maybe hard to understand. But as you read the learning program articles on sitemeter, it will be easy for you ti understand the flow.

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