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  • I have made several series of posts to be released at timed intervals. I see them in the drafts view, but to see the date they will be released I must open each one and look at the info box. Seems like there should be a means to see the planned release date in a view somehow… am I just missing it? Or it there a plugin that would do this?

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  • I have a similar question. I’m interested in havin some answers to this post too.

    Okay this plugin will do that. You have to copy and paste the script into a file, call it wp-cron-dashboard.php and upload that to your host. DO NOT do the auto upgrade of that plugin (it will delete the plugin!!). Activate the plugin, then click on your Dashboard, and under the WP-CRON menu item you will see those posts.




    Thanks for the reply. I copied add contents into a new text fiel, named it wp-cron-dashboard.php. Uploaded to server. Went to Plugins, activated it. Went to Dashboard, WP-CRON, see two other tasks:

    Entry #1: Anytime after Wed Oct 29 09:50:29 2008 execute tasks: wp_update_plugins
    Entry #2: Anytime after Wed Oct 29 21:52:47 2008 execute tasks: wp_db_backup_cron
    Current date/time is: Tue Oct 28 23:03:24 20

    No evidence of pending documents to be released. Even went back and changed release date and save it again to see if that would force an update… no such luck. Using WP 2.6.2.



    I wrote yesterday to see if that plugin worked and I am still seeing it:
    Entry #1: Anytime after Wed Oct 29 11:20:40 2008 execute tasks: publish_future_post



    Hello, I have a reverse problem. I want future posts to be published immediately. How do I do this?

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