How do I report a user on the WP forums? (2 posts)

  1. _AngelicLies
    Posted 3 years ago #

    How do I report a user on the WP forums? I have a user who is very rude, answers my support questions and gives NO help. Then calls me stupid, etc, because I asked them not to answer any more of my questions. How can I report this person?

  2. How do I report a user on the WP forums?

    I think you just did...

    We're all (including yourself) volunteers here. If someone replies in a way that you don't appreciate then my advice is to just ignore it. It's really a problem then tag the topic with modlook and someone will take a look at the thread.*


    I've read the exchange between you and the other user. While that user's last reply was uncalled for, your own reply was a bit terse. You really shouldn't tell people to go away, politely or otherwise... He was trying to assist you even if you don't think the answer was a good one.

    Rather than referee I've just deleted the exchange between you to and left the original question alone. Please carry on. ;)

    *Note: Please do not abuse the modlook tag. Overuse when not called for will get you into trouble here.

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