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  • How can anyone stand this program and this forum, none of the moderators ever help on here, we are just dependent whether one of the other people who come here for help will know our answer. To me the company is as good as it’s customer service, if a company’s cust srvc suck the company sucks. I don’t want wp any more, i should have asked before i installed it, i spent 3 days trying to figure it out my pages are created but when i go to the link they are white… before i had my welcome page and none of the links to my other pages worked, they should have worked on this stuff and made it easier to use, you have to know coding and have great knowledge of what you are doing not to go insane on this *sspress.

    I wish yahoo webhosting would join up with someone else because wp is not a program i would recommend to ANYONE. EVER. Yahoo has such an easy design software, why would they join up with this dump?
    WP is useless MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SITUATION. GOOD CUST SVC SUPPORT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE WHEN IT COMES TO ANY COMPANY I DO BUSINESS WITH. TAKE YOUR SOFTWARE AND DO WITH IT WHAT YOU THINK I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO WITH IT, WHICH I WON’T SAY ON HERE. I posted a comment for help here before now it totally vanished and maybe i missed it, but i don’t have the time to go through 283 pages.

    BYE BYE WordPress, even if I can’t uninstall you I am not going to bother with you any more, and I will remove any folders from my site that belong to you, and I will give my 5 cents to yahoo about your business practices. You are ruining their reputation by association.
    You have hundreds of plugins but installing them is a hassle and can make your totally screw up your site and therew is no one to help/ rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraah, I am furious.

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  • @mercime


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    Sad to see that you had such a bad experience while millions of WordPress users enjoy using the free/opensource program.

    You have to realize that the majority of those who help in the forums are volunteers. This is the first time you’ve posted a topic (the other one was adding an off-topic post in another thread 33 minutes ago) so I don’t see where you would go about bad-mouthing WordPress and moderators.

    trumpeting the merits of Yahoo hosting? That’s rich since they are one of the most antique set ups out there. In fact, their crappy hosting is the main reason folks have problems with wordpress on their hosting. If you want to have a decent blog – run quickly to another host.
    As for the rest of your rant, mercime answered well.

    [p.s. – I removed the modlook tag – this post can stand on it’s merits]

    This certainly is a first. I haven’t heard anyone ever complain about WordPress, and I’ve been using it for my clients as a CMS for years. In all my years of design (about 13) I have only heard negative feedback about Yahoo hosting. Many of my clients have come to me with new website projects, and asked me to move their site to a suitable hosting provider because of all the problems they’ve had with Yahoo hosting.

    Although Yahoo’s servers are inadequate for most software that’s developed (as are GoDaddy’s servers, but that’s another rant for another day), the server setup is not built for web developers – it’s built for average people that do not wish to access their servers via FTP, and do not have any intentions of installing software. Their servers are setup for basic HTML websites for small mom-n-pop sites that don’t need to do anything more than serve informational pages.

    I would recommend finding a new hosting provider, regardless of whether or not you use WordPress.

    … it’s built for average people that do not wish to access their servers via http://FTP...

    And GoDaddy’s setup is ironically even more difficult to navigate than FTP, in my (occasionally) humble opinion of course.

    I have nothing absolutely NOTHINg against the moderators, I know you guys try to help as volunteers, but it’s the company’s business to do this, not to use people and allow them to do their job. Yes, I love yahoo. I am using sitebuilder and it’s very easy. maybe ancient, but it’s easy. All I have to do is type insert a photo or music and click save and publish… here I have been trying to fix and figure it out for 3 days already and it seems like it’s only getting worse. It’s my first time on this platform. For first timers this is not easy at all. I have a time consuming job, a lot of driving as well, when I come home in the evening I don’t want to stay up half the night reading tutorials. Yahoo I learned within a few minutes and it was great, if the internet is the only thing you have to occupy your day, than it’s great, maybe… but when you have a family and an active busy life, this is not for you.

    I can bet you, there is still no answer on my first post “just asking for help”. In fact there are over 280 pages to go through to find your posting again. I come back, and all I find is replies from WP Fans. Nothing wrong with it, when I like and believe in something I defend it too, but why couldn’t I get this type of attention and help as I received on this post? I guess this one caught your eye, and when someone just has a problem no one pays attention.

    If the platform was easier, I would have had my blog already, I would have been a happy camper/blogger and you would have never even known I exist.

    I’ve used quite a few blog software engines and WordPress must rank amongst one of the easiest to use. The installer is easy. Making a post is easy. Even changing a theme is easy. There are built-in browsers for both themes and plugins.

    Realistically you aren’t going to get much easier than WordPress without using a hosted platform, which takes away the freedom. You (as a webmaster) have to accept a certain degree of work will be required to manage your own web space.

    Still, I wish you luck in your quest to find an easier bloging platform, and a more active help community.

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    I have a time consuming job, a lot of driving as well, when I come home in the evening I don’t want to stay up half the night reading tutorials.

    Perhaps you didn’t realize this … Most of us do too. The difference is, we see where WordPress can take us and we say ‘It’s worth reading tutorials.’

    If you’re going to SELF-host a blog, any blog, you’re going to have to read tutorials. This is easy, but it’s not spoon-fed. If you can’t be bothered to read that, go to and put your blog there.

    Looking at your profile, you have two posts. This one and an off-topic reply to How do I remove themes which was (correctly) ignored. If you have another post, it may have been caught by Akismet. Basically, we quite honestly don’t see a post asking for help.

    To answer your question:

    1) Go to your databases (via phpMyAdmin if Yahoo still offers that) and DELETE your wordpress db.
    2) Via FTP or whatever file manager app you can use, delete the WP files.

    Congratulations, you’ve uninstalled WP.

    To address the question – whether rhetorical or not – should you wish to remove WordPress from your site, you can simply delete all the files you uploaded (don’t forget to modify or delete the hidden .htaccess file too). and then remove the WordPress database / tables from your mysql server.

    Looking at your profile, you have two posts


    There’s only one now, ‘cos I deleted the other one.

    I’m actually wondering if DrGraceG is on the right forum.

    I’m actually wondering if DrGraceG is on the right forum.

    … or trolling.

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