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  • Everyone talks of a /wp-content/themes directory. I do not see this directory when I am managing my domain. Where is this directory located?

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    Within your WordPress directory.

    If you have the default installation it will be in the root of your WP installation.


    I guess I am not stating my ? correctly. I took the default install and I don’t see the wordpress folder. Is it nested in the database? I have browsed my entire domain and none of the mentioned folders exist. Are they hidden for some reason with the default install?

    no folders are hidden -you are not looking in the correct place
    wordpress files and folders do not go into the database
    ask your host for help – it’s what you pay them for

    This puzzled me for a while… It likely varies depending on your host.
    I use host monster and do the following:

    File Manager – select “web root” and press go…
    That opens a new window – here I select the folder with my domain name (without the .com / because both folders exist)
    Then you get

    Then my folder for themes is listed there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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